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Cool partner management center upgrades

The calendar, Qiazhiyisuan, a pregnant, personality, the unique charm of the day to form --520 (Liao) and white (SAO), object on the right in the day you (including homosexual and alien) to tease, 5.21 day if the object reply "521", then congratulations. The day for your extraordinary significance.

Similarly, for partners to develop GG sleepless cool not to tease sister dozens of days of continuous fighting, finally released: Cool partner management center in May 20th to upgrade the new version of the navigation 21:00-22:00, May 21st 09:00 open beta, enough friends to come and see the yellow face your dress after the daughter-in-law, only contact customer service can switch to the new sister see its beauty Oh, welcome to the sweet girl to tease the customer.点击立即联系客服开通体验 (click immediately contact the customer service opening experience)

The sweet girl I first, customer service, to tease tease, give you about many shining cool partner management center new navigation:


1, responsive pages, easy management of PC, PAD, and Phone

The new version of management center is developed by responsive H5. It is suitable for PC, PAD and Phone. No matter in offices, cars, beds, couches, kitchens, toilets, anywhere can make you work at any time.

2, navigate the skin to change and change

For a single navigation will look skin is not greasy, the new version of the navigation provides multiple sets of skin, no matter white girl girl Afanda, want to change to change.

3. The navigation style should be cut and cut

The navigation style can be switched according to the wide screen and narrow screen of the computer screen; it can also be used by the right and left hand of the user to switch, so that you can change the left hand of your right hand.

4. Navigation classification adjustment

Cool marketing partners in the system over hundreds of functions and applications, convenient management and use of buddies, cool partner of the system planning, from the basic configuration to the service window to build marketing to the data analysis of vertical arrangement, more in line with the business of browsing and operating habits, convenient buddies have the use function and application bill, let the work efficiency has been greatly improved, more time to her sister.酷店系统

5. The original distribution business city system is changed to cool store system

The original distribution mall as an independent system, need to jump to a new independent operation, like out affair, bring a lot of inconvenience to the user, instead of the original version of the distribution mall cool shop system, in operation and interface have made great improvement, the system will continue to expand and cool store extension, so that businesses have their own small Jingdong.

6. Repair BUG and optimize user experience

At the same time to find and kill some Mei hate bugs, optimize the user experience, operation switch as Mei skin silky lubrication.

Any problem in the use of the partners can be fed back to us so that we can better improve it.

The new navigation of the management center will be formally launched in May 31st. Please look forward to it.