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With this, let your fans grow straight up!

To popularize the public number and get more fans is the demand of many public number users, while the traditional way of promotion is inefficient, slow and unsatisfactory. Is there a better way to popularize public numbers? Let cool partners to "relieve the trouble" for you.

In order to help businesses to better promote the public number, cool partner's own unique distribution system based on distribution system combined with the propagation effect of fission, has developed a two-dimensional code promotion poster function, the distributor can also help to promote the public number, the fans more ferocious.

The two dimensional code promotion poster is free to use. As long as you are a "industry distribution" user, you can use the "two-dimensional code promotion POSTER" free of charge, allowing distributors to help you promote the public number.

A deep impression of the new fans by the two dimensional code promotion poster. The background of the poster, the font color of the user information, and the location of the two-dimensional code, you can adjust the posters freely. When making posters, the background is very important and the most attractive element. Here you can upload your favorite pictures or find pictures that you want to design, and after some preparation, a poster with unique style can be generated.

The two dimensional code promotion poster is very simple to use. You only need to set up a poster in the background material settings, the distributor can be in the "Member Center - my - member distribution center, two-dimensional code to generate a key fine promotion posters; posters can be generated after the distributor to his buddies to share your public number.

Cool partner - two-dimensional code promotion poster, welcome you to experience!