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Cool partner micro scene gorgeous line!

Interconnected online provides users with more quality experience. WeChat scene function is independent from cool partner system, and more template selection and function customization are set up. A new WeChat visual marketing advertising mode is displayed.

Mobile scene marketing expert: do not let complex design software restrict your creativity, make the scene in the simplest and interesting way, micro page, greeting card, business card and everything you want.

Simple drag and pull: search the material you need, drag and pull to complete the selection and use of material, all of which do not need to download any plugins or files, so that you are more focused on your own creativity.

Free and intelligent: Cool partners provide you with a large number of free scene templates, high quality photography pictures, background, templates and other materials to facilitate your free creativity. Upload your own material to the cloud, no matter when and where you can use it, and no longer have to worry about finding material.

Powerful Customization: Micro scenes support rich and powerful custom options, can set up links in the scene, even insert videos. According to the scenario, we need to set special effects animation, unrivalled shock experience, and share more reasons for fans.

Cool your partner micro scene shows products with vivid and interesting way, with a gorgeous and beautiful picture reflects the brand value, readily share, advertised.

Four easy steps to get free micro scene, to create exclusive cool application: registered account, select a template, edit the scene, release promotion.

Please log in to the cool partner and experience the micro scene system. You're right! It's just poking here: