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Cut price application online! Cool partner and you spend the seventh day!

On the eve of the Seventh Festival, the merchant also took advantage of the horn of the festival marketing at this time. Cool partner Bob has brought us good news -- the application of price shot on the line, to help businesses in time, the Qixi Festival wars "enemy victory, talent shows itself!

Come along with the small editor to see how to use the price to arm your own micro marketing!

The goods are thrilling with the "time" price reduction of the fans

The core of the festival marketing is all the discount promotions. Look at it, the way of sale and sale is not new.

As a bull's micro marketing tool, the cool partner's price reduction is applied, and the new interesting and interesting activities are used to break the traditional means of promotion. It can not only stimulate the desire of the fans to buy, but also improve the fans' activity. Combine together, dominate the Qixi Festival.

A bright spot in the price reduction of cool partners - as time goes down, commodity prices gradually decline as time goes by. Without your counter-offer, every few minutes, the commodity will automatically reduce a few dollars. You must have not heard such a Diao function, right?

When the price falls to the heart of the fans, this time is going to come out! Fast, ruthless, stable, accurate, to take out the goods. Stock is limited, first get the first. The slow hands of the companions, can only shed tears and ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thriller, speed of heartbeat... On the seventh day of the seventh Eve, let the cool partner cut the price for you to make a gimmick!

Is the rose pink powder artifact experience Meng Da Charm

Want to use the activity to raise the powder? Want to collect fan information to do precision marketing? No problem, cool partners to reduce the price of the application has already done everything for the business! The opening is the background "the non attention can participate in activities" and "whether need detailed information" two button up powder to Meng Da ~ ~ (reminder: pay attention to the non fans can participate in the activities of the options apply only to the certification service number Oh ~)

In addition, all customer orders and customer information involved in price reduction activities can be viewed in the background of cool partner system. Data statistics is real-time, accurate, business management and delivery is more convenient.

The Tanabata marketing guide uses the right posture to reduce the price.

Come, follow a slow movement of the left hand right and right hand ~ open the cool partner system backstage, find the price to take a price? To add activities to the goods, such as merchants treasure eighteen years of daughter red, so rare and rare, the original price of 888. Tanabata Festival with good faith to return to fans, write a start price of 868. Set down the price again: two pieces per minute, enough to stimulate it?

But good faith can't lose money, isn't it? Cool partner prices have already been considered for you. The merchant can set the lowest price of the goods to control the cost. Noo, the lowest price of 668, can not be lower.

Then reluctantly took the 20 altar in front of the product inventory, with 45 degree elevation rub a few pictures, good upload, write some more: a private secret, a daughter of the red Balabala......

Finally, set up the activity time (10 a.m. on July August 20th). In addition, in order to prevent the old king from maliciously disturbing the activity bidding order, the merchant can also set the limited amount per person to purchase in the background. After all, the stock is limited, everyone is limited to buy a good place, as to what happened after the drink of the daughter, you know.

As of this, the activity setting of the Tanabata price reduction has been completed. The whole operation process as a natural, simple and freely flowing style of writing.