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Cool partner micro - chip application

Cool partner micro - research is a marketing strategy based on an e-commerce strategy that is closer to young people. Turn the product into a fun project, launch a small crowd and invite fans to play together.

The cool partner has the characteristics of low participation threshold, creative form and good interactive experience. Businesses can cooperate with their marketing nodes, set up the amount of financing, the number of days to raise funds, and determine the way and content of the return. In addition, the detailed project information (product introduction) can be launched a small public.

Based on the strong relationship of the friends and the power of participating in the fans, the activities can be spread through a fission type and attract more people. The most important thing is, for the fans, can raise public support, the opportunity to get a surprise prize from or is able to price to buy products; and for businesses, not only can raise funds, guarantee profits, but also through the activities of the congregation to raise the data information of fans consumer preferences analysis, to develop appropriate solutions to achieve precision marketing purposes. Who does not love a mutually beneficial and win-win matter?