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Cool partner high force micro business card line

God said that there must be light, so there was light. God said that there would be someone, so there would be people. God said that social interaction should be forced, so there would be cool partners.

In the mobile Internet era, the traditional way of sending paper business cards on business social occasions has been overturned and replaced by more innovative, simpler and more practical micro business cards.

Cool partner micro business card is such an application -- a combination of practical and forced grid, combined with fashion and simplicity. It is a fancy sticky artifact designed for merchants.

1. display vermicelli forced grid scene application

The traditional paper card is not only easy to damage, lose, but also very environmentally friendly. The micro card introduced by the cool partner is not only convenient and practical, but also fashionable in fashion. It is with great force to highlight the individuality of a user, even bought Apple table maishen family who also humbled, fell at the foot of it.

The fans only need to fill in the relevant information and upload personal pictures, which can generate a small business card. In business social occasions, you don't need to carry a large number of paper business cards. You only need to take out your cell phone to scan the two-dimensional code of the micro business card, you can visit the card, and you can also save the business card to the phone.

Imagine, when your buddy name card pocket in the wood louse, you come up with mobile phone, red lips Qingqi: to facilitate mutual sweep, exchange a name card?" In the stare of the friends, you have taken off the customers, and easily realize the ideal state of "the wind is in front, no fear".

2. simple and practical merchant sticky deity

For businesses, the new business interaction mode and simple and easy-to-use practical functions not only attract a large number of fans, but also effectively enhance the stickiness of business fans, and the viscosity is comparable to 502 glue. And a small business card with a personal head image is easier to identify in society and greatly improves the fan experience.

The cool partner's business card is not only a new way for the fans to socialize, but it has an insight into human nature and keeps the fans' enthusiasm for participation and sharing. It lurks unlimited business opportunities, increases business exposure rate, accumulates word of mouth for merchants, makes business micro marketing faster and more convenient.

Cool partner micro business card application, style sticky powder more force. Of course, businesses can "don't mess yourself up to win."