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Summer a jump, cool partner card come out!

Summer, immediately to the beginning of autumn. Along with the wind, the secret into the research and development department, the whole research and Development Department of the Diao silk singing and dancing, singing the WeChat platform.

Originally, the cool partner WeChat marketing system combined with the WeChat platform to bring us a new product - - cool partner card vouchers.

The cool partner card voucher has been named in the river and lake before it was introduced. Now, there must be another fight on the river and lake. All kinds of functions of the deep fried days are all afraid of micro marketing. Here, Xiaobian, in awe of you, collated two essential skills for card vouchers, please bring your own fruit snacks, stools and queues to sit well.

1. seamlessly butted WeChat bags easily manage all kinds of card coupons

Cool partner's new card, as a new channel for connecting merchants and fans, has seamlessly butted WeChat packages seamlessly. Businesses can make, manage, launch various card vouchers and analyze data through the cool partner card voucher function. Send vouchers, discount coupons, coupons, gift coupons, group purchase coupons and so on, all fans can revenue WeChat card package, unified management.

In this way, merchants can establish long-term contacts with fans through card vouchers, provide rich and colorful services for them, and fans do not have to worry about too much and too much mismanagement of card vouchers.

2. kinds of news reminding the use rate of elevator coupons

The message reminding function of the cool partner card not only greatly improves the card use rate of the business, but also strengthens the connection between the merchant and the fans. Card use notifications, quick expiration reminding, overdue reminding, and so on, businesses can be written in the background.

All kinds of warm and loving reminding is like the cool breeze coming from the mountains, blowing the fans in the cool, buying and buying, avoiding the expiry of the coupons.

So good teammate for the business, are there second in the world?

In addition, the card has a perfect data management function in the cool partner system, helping the merchants to arrange the micro marketing market, and further promote the promotion and promotion.

Cool partner card coupons passion on-line, the skills of God assists, welcome everyone to rush about telling the news around spreading.