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Cool partner membership card added value grant function

After the last cool partner launched the membership card custom input item function, the R & D department continued to make persistent efforts to improve the membership card function continuously. Membership card V3.0 Zhou Huali upgraded, new storage value added function!

Cool partners launched membership card V3.0, which not only realizes the online membership card application, attendance, consumption, redeem and other functions, but also to businesses for membership management, privilege management, staff management and Realization of a gift.

The added value of stored value is a function developed to improve the stickiness of the merchant. After applying to the merchant membership card, the consumer will recharge it for a certain amount of money and will enjoy the preferential treatment given by the merchant.

For businesses, the newly developed function helps to stimulate member consumption and form a consumer habit, and then to a loyal consumer.

Through this function, not only can the merchant accumulate rich customer resources, but also can improve the sales performance. Businesses will get more back, and consumers are satisfied with the preference.

At the same time, the cool partner card V3.0 slideshow ads are also a big tool for business promotion and promotion.

The wonderful and thoughtful function of the cool partner membership card V3.0 is not slack for business micro marketing. The business can easily manage the membership card in the background, handle the membership data, and so on, the operation process is very simple.

Cool V3.0 partner membership card stored value of the Magic Mini all-powerful. With the lowest cost, we will broaden the marketing market for the merchants.

Well, cool partners can't give you the world, but the world of cool partners will give you all. Go back to the background and upgrade the experience.