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Cool cool partner custom menu upgrade!

As we all know, there is a research and development department on the Internet, and the degree of mystery is equivalent to the "relevant department" of the country. It is rumored that the Department has to input the password to enter the cipher, and the inner ape of the program ape is surprised by all kinds of bones.

In the news today, the research and development department has recently made a new optimization and improvement on the custom menu of the cool partner marketing system.

1. menu editor visualized, clear, intuitive and easy to operate

After this upgrade, there is a mobile phone interface model on the left side of the custom menu edit page. When the merchant adds a custom menu of the WeChat public, it can watch the effect of the menu editing by this mobile interface model.

For example, the first level menu is two good - looking or three good - looking? How does the two level menu be typesetting? Through a clear and intuitive interface presentation, visualizations help businesses to easily make up their minds. Add or delete the menu, every time and anywhere to see the effect, all the operation is so easy!

2. touch dial / navigation two pronged approach to improve service

When users see a gourmet shop WeChat wants to order a meal? What do parents see about the public number of a training school? The owner wants to make an appointment to see the house, the owner wants to experience the test drive... What should they do?

How can the customers get lost? These carefully thought, cool partner custom menus all for you! One touch dial equipped with a key navigation, two pronged approach, invincible!

A chestnut first, such as a fast food restaurant, wants to provide better services to consumers and how to improve the user experience. At this time you can call the custom menu function of the cool partner.

By adding one touch dial menu, fill in the reservation hotline, consumers can through a key dialing function to call the store ordering; at the same time a key navigation function is to store set up shop location, convenient fans obtain environment information, travel to the store consumption is also more convenient!

One key dialing and one button navigation menu is based on the idea of providing high quality service to the user and improving the user experience of the business public number. The merchant can add these two menus in the background, and set up the phone number and location. Whether it is a reservation, a consultation, an appointment, a lookup route, the user can realize one key in the business public number. The function is practical and the benefit of the people and the people.

3. false hints warm to cry

Business error, will be cool partner system warm hints, friendly point out error and correction method. The mood is more humanized, warm to cry has wood? To serve customers, cool partners do what they can do.

After upgrading the cool partner custom menu better, more intimate, the perfect support for Alipay custom menu service window, do a two operation, we come to experience it!