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Code cool partner Alipay service window channel two-dimensional line

Cool partner WeChat poly Road on Monday launched a two-dimensional code function of times by merchants sought after, not tomorrow, cool partner today put Alipay service window channel code function to the two-dimensional "Palace". (there should be applause)

Cool partner service window channel two-dimensional code is a new function for Alipay windows service and development, business promotion of the Alipay service window and monitor promotion effect by using this function, the realization of informationization and transparent management.

A new two-dimensional code channel service window, can make every business promotion channel service window can channel Alipay two-dimensional code are generated independently. And through the fans of different two-dimensional codes, the cool partner WeChat marketing system will be accurately monitoring the source of the channel.

Clear fans tracking and convenient fans grouping enable businesses to manage and analyze the promotion effect more effectively, and finally choose high-quality promotion channels, which will save a lot of cost and improve the promotion efficiency for business promotion.

At the same time, cool partners service windows, two-dimensional code, perfect fusion line, online, businesses can make use of service window channel, two-dimensional code to carry out a series of activities under online and offline, to meet the needs of consumers in all directions.

Cool partners have been working for businesses to provide interactive marketing, distribution, and office (WeChat enterprise OA system) of the overall solution, because, you and me, only this life this world.