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Cool partner WeChat red package for you to get enough!

"The furthest distance in the world is that I sit on the opposite side of you, you are robbing a red bag." During the Spring Festival, the fierce battle for red envelopes, we still remember, and continue to this day the flame is still high. This "red packet" market is a new way to attract customers' eyeballs. "Red rain shower business" to attract attention and win over the fans, the fans even rush to grab a soft red. "The cell phone shakes hand cramp, the red packet is only a few cents". Many users complain.

So how to effectively increase the rate of transmission when sending red packets? How to induce fan forward forward? The show will begin, let cool new partner WeChat red fit perfect application to solve this problem.

The new WeChat fit application envelopes by domestic renowned Internet online professional team exclusive development, reform the traditional envelopes distributed mode, fans grab a red envelope, to share a certain number of forwarding friends can increase the amount of red envelopes fit. In the combination of red packets at the same time can also check the progress of the chimerism, complete the fit can receive business red package. After receiving the red packet directly into the fan WeChat wallet, the seamless docking with the WeChat purse. Simple, convenient and quick!

WeChat complex application not only fully consider business marketing strategy, but also for fans to bring fresh, exciting "rob red war"! Let the fans share happily and let the business information be spread out!

The product is simple, practical and easy to operate. Xiao Bai merchants can set the total amount of red packets, the maximum value of red packets and the number of fit in the background. It not only effectively controls the cost of merchants, but also allows fans to share and improve their enthusiasm. At the same time, businesses can also freely set up red packet activities to start and stop, the overall control of the distribution of red packet activities.

A cool partner is an excellent product. The new red packet distribution experience, let the red bag soon shock a little more