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Super good cool partner channel two dimensional code

As the hottest channel of communication, the public number can be paid more attention to. Channel two-dimensional code, as a powerful fan guide, can help businesses to drain fans from offline to online (business public number), but also achieve the source tracking of fans.

As a chestnut, businessmen generally choose a variety of different channels when they are popularizing. For example, in the subway billboards, in the bus station on the outdoor advertising, square hair bills etc.. At the end of the day, the public has added a lot of fans. But the businessman can't judge the growth of the fans, which is the two-dimensional code that scanned the ad bit. This makes the business in the choice of the best promotion channel, lost the direction.

The channel two-dimensional code developed by the cool partner has solved this problem for the business.

Businesses can set up different marketing channels and set up different extension two-dimensional codes. After the user has scanned the two-dimensional code to become a merchant fan, the system background can accurately monitor and real-time statistics. Sweep the two-dimensional code on the leaflets or subway advertising? Is the bus station advertising scanning fans or distribute leaflets brought many fans? Different channels to bring fans growth, and each channel usage, cool partner marketing system has a clear record of the background. This is a great place to promote the promotion effect of channel monitoring and analysis, and to choose the best marketing channel to popularize according to the effect of promotion.

New two dimensional code scanning analysis function is added, and the data analysis is more intuitive and clear.

It is worth mentioning that the two dimensional code upgrade of the channel also increases the function of two-dimensional code scan analysis. The business can clearly see the number of scans of the two dimensional code and the number of scans in the background. The more intuitive data presentation enables the business to grasp the effect of the promotion activities. At the same time, in addition to seeing the data of the WeChat channel two-dimensional code, the merchant can also view the data of the two-dimensional code of the service window.

In addition, the cool partner channel two dimensional code function can also group the fans according to the different sources of the fans. This means that the merchant has more space to play in the field of fan management. For different groups of fans, push the marketing content of this group.

Cool partners channel two-dimensional code is perfectly integrated online and offline, so as to achieve transparent and information-based management of channels. The immediacy of statistics improves the efficiency of channel management. After the upgrade function, perfect! Let your marketing be targeted, come and experience it quickly.