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Time to hang up! Come to cool your partner and buy virtual goods!

Careful friends may have found the cool partner of WeChat marketing system background today more of a new! That is the virtual goods group purchase! Whether coupons, cash coupons, or prepaid card, game currency, or product purchase code, serial number, can use the cool new partner group purchase function to achieve automatically send the goods". Simple, quick and convenient!

1. soft key group purchase realization

For example, a dessert shop launched a preferential activities to stimulate consumption, users need only 50 yuan will be able to store group purchase $100 cash voucher. This time, the store must first in the background of cash vouchers for basic settings, such as price, price, registration number, group purchase group purchase deadline etc.. In accordance with the "management in virtual goods and virtual goods" to download the form template, fill out the cash voucher card number and password, the cash voucher of group purchase process is complete.

2. please note that it's time to hang up!

After the dessert fans in the group purchase cash voucher, will receive the system automatically sends the card number and password. The fans go to the dessert shop in the effective date for consumption, only to provide the card number and the password to be available! I didn't think it was so simple?!

3. "small" function "big" wisdom

Don't look down on this function, its role is not easy!

For businesses, the two character implied benefits of group buying have attracted a lot of fans' attention. And this new application of cool partners can enable the system to automatically deliver goods after the success of virtual commodity group purchase. In this way, fans can get the goods they need at the fastest speed. The consumer experience is good, and the recognition and trust of the fans to the merchants are also on the top floor. This will greatly enhance the business reputation and image, make the business day after the layout of marketing activities, more smooth.

In addition, the system backstage with the accurate sale of commodity records and order data statistics, can help businesses better management of group purchase activities and virtual goods.