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Cool partner coupons, it's not just a riot!

The cool partner updates the coupon application and has already been able to share the coupons in the membership card. For the business, the interoperability of the two is more conducive to the planning and development of the micro marketing activities. For example, businessmen want to develop members and give some coupons to stimulate consumption, but the ordinary way of giving may not arouse the attention and interest of the fans.

1. more minutes of powder

"Not forever in the commotion, by the preference of all secure to rely on", this sentence reveals the essence of humanity the true saying tells us, we can use the cool function in the activities of micro partners coupons, the member or ordinary fans to draw out coupons. There is a little surprise in the expectation, with a slight sweetness in the abuse. Novel and unique way to attract fans have gone to the minute rose pink rhythm; and draw fun, greatly enhance the business activity of the fans.

2. developing a member's weapon

The application of coupons is also a tool for drawing fans to develop members. If users want to extract coupons, they must be registered to participate in the activities. If the user does not have a merchant's membership card, it will receive a reminder of the page and jump into the membership card center when entering the activity, prompting the vermicelli to register. As a result, the success of the business to use coupons "to seduce a member, it will also provide business days after the development of loyal fans, laid the foundation of the masses.

More than 3. awards are offered in many times

In detail, the coupon awards have opened six settings to allow businesses to have more options and to set up the amount of coupons more flexibly. In addition, for the fans, the coupon lottery can also be won many times. And businesses can also set the number of fans in the backstage, most of the times to allow the lottery, and whether to restrict each person only once a day. These small details are set in order to consider the cost of the business, help the business better operation and improve the benefit.