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Cool partner WeChat Paihao splendid on-line application!

WeChat Paihao application, in simple terms, is that users can WeChat to line up. Cool new partner WeChat Paihao application gorgeous lines, more than a little awesome.

1. it's a merchant's powerful powder - sucking artifact

Micro marketing era, not to smoke powder for the purpose of application is in the bullying! Cool micro marketing partner does not play rascal, users only need to sweep the two-dimensional code on the merchant number, automatic attention of WeChat public business, became a member of the army of fans.

2. users do not wait to wait for a cup of tea in a shopping mall

Users sweep the two-dimensional code after arranging business, you can know there are people waiting for N". In this way, users can arrange their waiting time reasonably according to the number of queues in front of them. How about going to the supermarket next door when the hot pot shop is in line? Drink a cup of tea?

3. instant reminding to wonder if you don't have to worry about the missing number

Cool partner of WeChat Paihao instant reminder function, to help businesses enhance customer service. Once there is a vacancy, it sends a reminder to the queued user: "your number is moving forward again, and there are N people in front of you." This intelligent and intimate functional design greatly improves the user experience.

4. no WeChat? Don't be afraid, the waiter helps you take the number

Meet old kid will not use WeChat how to do? Don't worry! Cool partner WeChat Paihao, can let the waiter take no.. The shop attendant only Paihao on a mobile phone terminal through wireless, small ticket connected printer, print the number, can take a number.

5. mobile phones can be operated to save the cost of equipment

With the cool partner WeChat Paihao, don't need to take a number of equipment, using a mobile phone can operate! The shop attendant only mobile phone login, bit by bit, on the screen or arranging, everything is OK!

6. wide application field

Whether it is food, Manicure, barber shop, or hospitals, clinics, playground, WeChat Paihao can come in handy! Mobile phone users of WeChat sweep, queuing lever!