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Cool partner membership card custom update upgrade people love!

What is the custom input item for the cool partner's membership card to do? It is a set of personal information that fans need to fill in when they receive a membership card. Now, the merchant can make a fist on the updated custom.

In the past, custom settings were divided into display and no display, and selection did not show. When fans did not fill in information when picking up cards, they could see that businesses could choose settings on demand. The updated custom input settings, added a new optional and required. Business can be set flexibly when collecting vermicelli information. For example, some of the more important information, such as name, gender, date of birth, mobile phone number can be set as required; some secondary information, such as QQ, head can be set as optional, can even choose not to display.

This flexible setup makes it easy for merchants to collect fan information pertinent. It is not only conducive to business members to do well in the service of membership card, but also to help businesses to achieve the goal of accurate marketing. For the fans, the selectivities set by the merchant to fill in the personal information can make the fans feel better.

The function development is strong, do not hurry to find the Internet online! Come to experience!