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Cool partner micro vote V2 pound, the best use of the micro vote!

With a new cool partner micro vote, you do not have to vote because of complicated design, management, statistics management around you will make painstaking efforts, like things like management voting, and close to the moment fans!

1. voting limit function: the merchant can limit the total number of votes per fan, the number of votes per day, and the number of votes per day.

2. number editors, emptying function: the merchant can edit and empty the number of votes in the backstage.

3. batch audit function: after the vermicelli enroll, the audits will be entered, and the audited players can be displayed on the active page.

4. turn off the voting function: if the merchant wants to stop voting in the middle of the way, then the voting closure can be opened.

5., the voting record is more detailed. After fans vote, they can see their detailed voting records, and businesses can also see all fans' information in voting in the background.

6. voting base settings: merchants can increase the popularity and cumulative votes of voting activities in the background according to the demand.

7. menu / navigation management: the merchant can not only edit the existing menu or navigation, but also add menus or navigation according to the requirements. At the same time, the secondary menu / navigation is also hidden, and the home page will not be displayed.

Besides, many personalized small functions create the ultimate user experience, such as two interface styles, two styles (traditional pagination / automatic loading), which are available for merchants to choose; support custom attention prompt, page refresh button and so on.

More wonderful, as cool as a partner!