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Cool partner WeChat enterprise number OA system online!

Cool partner WeChat enterprise number OA system online!

It has ten basic functions, including address book, task, daily report, check-in, approval, leave, reimbursement, conference room, memorandum and conference record. You can do palmtop office anytime and anywhere.

It has extremely high efficiency and excellent support for sudden and emergency events. It is a close palmtop office product for managers and market personnel.

You can't choose the three main reasons why you choose the cool partner WeChat enterprise OA system.

One, powerful and thoughtful function

Covering all the functions of office OA, precision and flexible process control, minimalist operation and super excellent experience!

Two, our never-ending update

We have the most WeChat users' micro pin CMS, no one knows more about users' needs than we do, and is constantly improving their functions and continuously providing the best service for you.

Three, relying on WeChat unimpeded

Use the WeChat enterprise number as the mobile entrance, the operation is quick and light, you can work anytime and anywhere!

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