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Cool partner micro marketing platform 2.2 edition blazed up!

The 2.2 edition of the most cool partner micro marketing platform in history has finally come online!


Xiao Bian asked the partners of the technical team: "this cool partner's micro marketing platform, is there a cow X?"

Buddies, few axe come out chuangjianghu, then give me broke:

What does the cool partner micro marketing platform like?\

First, new concept of custom function

Custom groupings, bottom menus, shop navigation, scene, page module style, and member home page.

Second, a powerful micro marketing program

The three level distribution system, channel two-dimensional code, multi store management, and various commodity promotion programs.

Third. The micro scene experience of rich personality

It introduces the practical functions of micro scene, logistics management, data intelligence analysis, financial management and so on.


In addition, the cool partner micro marketing system covers the vertical areas of the 46 industries. What beauty, hotel, tourism, medical, health, health, car ah, wedding ah all! Built in more than 100 applications, it is very cattle and wood!

Don't believe it? If you don't believe it, I'll poke it here.

The Internet has solemnly announced that everything we do is based on the interests of the customers, helping the enterprise to establish a comprehensive and practical market image. We grow up with the enterprise together!