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Distribution platform "micro pin CMS" 2 edition line

Focus on the WeChat distribution NN, the micropin CMS has been upgraded again! Follow the small editor to see, this update of the "micro pin CMS" 2 edition, which have what powerful functions it!


First, free admission, free of charge

Not only let the manufacturers and micro merchants free to enter, easy to open the store, and all transactions do not charge any fees, 1-2 working days after the presentation of the account.


Two, distribution of distribution, easy management

Manufacturers easily manage sales agents, goods, orders, finance and so on. There is no need to buy goods, no money, only on the shelf products, recommend sharing can get the profits of the transaction.


Three, fashion hot selling, characteristic distribution

Location, fashion, hot sale, distribution, all commodities will be screened and checked through layers. The non manufacturer's source is not recommended. Those who are not highly commissions will not recommend businesses that really serve tonal businesses, and at the same time, they can really earn profits.


Four, tens of millions of inputs, support for development

For ten years, there are abundant resources and investors' support. Therefore, cool partners began to build service platform, advertising and investment in all aspects, and free training for micro business schools, so as to support the development of businesses and micro businesses.

What, didn't let the Gang be disappointed? Interconnected online product, must be a boutique! You might as well try it out.

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