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O2O pain Online leads the traditional chain industry to mobile Internet

350 billion! Tmall proves to us the strength of e-commerce with a shocking figure. According to the data released by Tmall, the number of Taobao mobile phone transactions reached 35.89 million, accounting for 21% of the total number, and the total payment amount also reached. 5.35 billion, which is 5.6 times that of last year, and the number of active users on the double 11 day reached 127 million. All this seems to be proof that the mobile Internet has begun to change our lives and consumption habits. O2O is for consumers. It is also the most important mode of influence for traditional chain companies.


Before the Sept. 11, there were 19 well-known home chain stores including Blizzard, Red Star, and Ou Yada jointly boycotting the Double 11. The fuse of the incident was because Tmall tried to bypass the store and directly engage in O2O with the brand. This will inevitably touch the interests of these chain stores, but the final result is undoubtedly Tmall stop home O2O business, and the chain stores have not been able to profit in the double 11 this shopping festival rooted in the Internet carnival, so the result of the two defeated in fact It is the worst.


As a traditional chain industry, under the trend of gradually changing consumption habits in the face of the Internet model, as opposed to its negative resistance, it is better to participate actively. In today's highly developed social networks, smart phones and mobile apps, how to make good use of the mobile Internet band Opportunities and opportunities for traditional industries have become crucial issues.


From more and more traditional chain industries and O2O in-depth cooperation cases (including Gome, Qitian, Suning, Haidilao, etc.) we can easily find that for the traditional chain industry, O2O is both a threshold and an opportunity. It is still not clear how to use the fast-growing mobile internet to create opportunities for their own companies. If we don't start the transformation of the O2O model into the mobile Internet platform, then we will eventually be eliminated by the Internet model.


However, for the traditional chain industry, how to take the lead in realizing O2O on a mobile internet platform that has nothing to do with itself before, to become the leader in new platforms and new models in the industry, and to lay down the new rules for traditional industries under the mobile Internet The problems that need to be resolved before the transition to O2O are inevitably high costs, high risks, and long periods of time through the re-creation of O2O. Therefore, there has emerged a platform for interconnected online professionals to solve the O2O model for the traditional chain industry.


In the O2O model, Connected Online has its own unmatched advantages in the traditional chain industry. In addition to helping enterprises solve a series of tasks, such as setting up platforms, functional design, technical testing, personnel maintenance, and post-promotion, etc. To win a time- and cost-effective win for the chain, in the ever-changing Internet age, time and cost almost determine everything.


As the Internet itself,, its professional platform allows companies to customize O2O platforms that meet the needs of enterprise development according to their own needs, and firmly grasp the entrance of the mobile Internet to form a complete "O2O." Closed-loop, online marketing, guidance, turning mobile phone users on the mobile Internet close to 600 million into their potential users, making use of offline quality experiences to promote consumption, and then introducing offline consumer experience into the online platform to form an effective reputation Spreading, it forms a very low cost advertising effect on the mobile Internet platform with extremely wide coverage and crowds. This is the advantage that Internet can bring to traditional chain enterprises. It will be extremely short time to explore great potential users. Professional The platform promotes a satisfying consumer experience, completes processes and establishes a wide spread of word of mouth, which helps enterprises turn threats brought by the mobile Internet and O2O models into opportunities, and fundamentally solves the problems of the widespread geographical distribution and difficulty in personnel management of traditional chain enterprises. , the level of franchisees is not uniform, the cost of developing new chain stores is high, and there is no target for fixed people The group's propaganda channels and other series of long-standing problems have eventually led to more healthy development.

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