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One new three-board company interconnected online access blockchain to build the world's largest blockchain data center
Overnight, the blockchain industry has suddenly emerged and become the hottest vent of the moment.
On the afternoon of March 26th, the 12th anniversary celebration and blockchain conference hosted by Interconnected Online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. was held in Shenzhen. More than 500 guests included company leaders, investors, overseas partners and industry experts witnessed the official launch of the Interconnected Online Blockchain project.
The Interconnected Online was established in March 2006  and has passed 12 years. The company was listed on the new third board in February 2016 and received two rounds of investment from six venture institutions A and B. 
At the meeting, the three blockchain projects of the Interconnected Online Investment officially made public appearances, including “the world's largest blockchain data center”, “Global Cloud EHT Mining Machine” and “Block Chain Fund”.
The press conference was kicked off by Mr. Zhou Ming, chairman of Interconnected Online. Mr Zhou said, block chain is the core technology of the new generation after steam engine, electric power and Internet.In an age of innovation and change, in the tide of Interconnected online as one of blockchain in the field of exploration and promoters, begin from the end of last year layout to block chain as the company's strategic development direction, the next will continue to accelerate the construction of chain block industry, further improve the enterprise's strategic layout.
Bitcoin mining evolve from individual miner to large-scale mine
Since the birth of Bitcoin, with the increase in the number of mining participants and the continuous improvement of the whole network computing power, mining tools have transitioned from personal computers to professional mining machines and miners from personal miners to large-scale group miners. 
Considering the cost of mining, if the bitcoin price maintains its current situation for a long time, nearly half of the miners will face losses when halving their mining incentives. Large-scale mines such as NEBULA can reduce the cost of mining through professional operations and scale effects. Compared with large mines, miners in small mines are unable to achieve stable profitability due to the lack of effective risk hedging methods. Production is vulnerable to fluctuations in currency prices. 
Zhou Ming believes that changes in the industry structure do not imply that the mining industry is declining, but is gradually going toward a more professional, clustered, systematic approach.
In fact, investing in bitcoin mining, in addition to the need to buy a mining machine, also needs a suitable venue, special care and maintenance, electricity costs are also expensive.
He believes that small and medium investors investing in bitcoin mining is best to choose a large-scale mine for hosting. “In short, you put the purchased mining machine in the professional mine of the hosting company, and then the hosting company will provide you with mines and provide special maintenance. Of course, the electricity prices that these hosting companies can get are very low. of."
Generally speaking, there are two ways to host the mining machine. One is that after the investor purchases the mining machine himself, he signs a custody contract with the hosting company, and then sends the mining machine to the mine to which the hosting company belongs to conduct the hosting mining business; One is to provide the mining machine directly from the hosting company, and the investor directly participates in the managed mining business after purchasing.
Cut into mine hosting services to build the world's largest blockchain data center
In response to this industry's pain point, Interconnected Online has been planning the blockchain-related industries since 2017. The first drop point is the mine hosting service.
According to a manager of Interconnected Online mine, their company will have huge investments in three phases in Kuwait, Bahrain, and the Middle East to build the world’s largest data center. At present, it has built 450MW transformer substation of dual line of state grid in overseas, which can be used by 300,000 mining machines at the same time. Meanwhile, the mine has also received strong support from overseas national and local government policies and received the lowest electricity charge in the world. 
Now they have built 60MW substations, 5 iron scaffolding lines, 20,000 square meters of machine rooms. They have even paid the expansion fees to the government. In this phase, they can simultaneously start up 40,000 1620W machines. 
In addition to the mine, Interconnected has also expanded its mining business, and investors can directly purchase it and place it on the mine for hosting. “We specialize in providing investment opportunities for miners who want to engage in the mining industry but who do not have access to mining machines or mining costs that are too expensive.”
Zhou Ming said that in addition to providing mining machine hosting services, Interconnected overseas mines will also provide value-added services and financial services around mining machines, and are committed to building the world's largest blockchain industry-wide data center and service platform.