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Why choose mine hosting services for bitcoin mining?
To invest in bitcoin mining, we need to rent suitable place besides purchasing mining machines. We also need hiring people for special care and maintenance of the miner. It is also crucial to get a low electricity rate for the miners. Ordinary investors encounter series of problems starting from purchasing miners. For example, if you invest in bitcoin mining, the best bitcoin miner on the market is Antminer S9. If you can't get the miner from their official website, you will have to fine middlemen. As a result, you will have to pay a higher price for the miner now that miner is in short supply in the current market. If you have already purchased some miners, the next step is to find a suitable place for them with the prerequisite of a cheap electricity rate. For individuals, what is the lowest electricity rate he or she can get? Apart from government-supported large-scale cloud computing companies that can get less than 0.3 Yuan for electricity price, there should be no single individual who can get a price less than 0.4 Yuan. Regardless of the number of the miners, all miners require maintenance, which in turn creates an additional expense.
Mining is becoming more centralized and in large scale. Mining costs for individuals are getting higher. The power of miner is too high to be installed at home. The urban electricity rate depends on consumption of electricity. The more energy you spend, the higher the electricity rate is. Electricity cost would be too expensive for individual mining. For some small and medium-sized miners and investors, high costs on infrastructure and difficulties in maintaining a good relationship with the government make investors hesitate whether continuing in this industry.
As the title says, if you want to invest in bitcoin mining, you must start with large-scale mine hosting!
What is miner hosting? To put it simply, you put the miner you purchased in a professional mine of the hosting company. Then the hosting company will provide you with a mining pool with special maintenance. Of course, the electricity rates the hosting companies can get are very low. In general, there are two types of miner hosting. One is that the investor purchases the miner and signs a contract with the hosting company, and then sends the miner to the hosting company. The hosting company will take care of the mining business. The other is to get miner directly from the hosting companies. Investors can participate in the hosting and mining business after purchase.
A cheap power rate is crucial for a mature mining pool. Interconnected Online has built a substation and computer rooms overseas. The company plans to build a 450MW substation in three phases. They have national double-line national grid power supply. After completion of the project, it will become the largest mine in the world which can simultaneously start up 300,000 machines. Now they have built 60MW substations, 5 iron scaffolding lines, 20,000 square meters of machine rooms. They have even paid the expansion fees to the government. In this phase, they can simultaneously start up 40,000 1620W machines. In addition, their mine gets strong policy support from local governments. They get the lowest electricity rate in the world thanks to these policies.
According to a manager of Interconnected Online(, Interconnected Online is designated to those who want to join in the mining industry but have difficulty in getting a miner or worry about the high mining costs. Based on mine machine hosting service, Interconnected Online also offers value-added services and financial services around miner. Interconnected Online aims and strives to create the world's largest blockchain full-industry data center.