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Mobile Internet O2O era cloud platform industry solutions

Throughout 2013, the mobile internet developed rapidly and far faster than traditional internet platforms. In this environment, the most popular keywords are big data, O2O, cloud platforms, etc. Crazy, once again demonstrated to us the advantages and necessity of O2O marketing using big data and cloud platform in the era of mobile Internet.


In the mobile Internet competition that subverts the traditional industry, due to its own characteristics that are contrary to the mobile Internet era, the transition is particularly slow. In the market competition that takes every minute and every second, how to adapt to the needs of the mobile Internet and improve the platform has become a traditional industry. It is a problem that needs to be solved in the traditional chain industry.


Some large-scale chain industries, such as Suning, Gome, and Qitian, etc., with their keen sense of smell and huge platform resources, have early realized the opportunities and challenges brought by the mobile Internet era, and made structural adjustments. Suning, Gome, Gome Online , 7-day client and other products have brought very beautiful data to the company. However, we can't ignore the fact that, under the dominance of traditional chain channels, most of the traditional chain industries, including Suning Tesco and Gome, which have moved to the mobile Internet industry, are only confined to the B2C e-commerce platform and are away from the O2O that consumers want. For the platform, whether it is convenience or practicality, it is far less than the O2O platform.


In the face of the objective outlook brought by the O2O platform, how traditional chain companies effectively cut into the mobile Internet, use convenient cloud platforms for big data analysis, and form effective feedback, bring practical benefits to the company itself, as the first O2O mall APP online self-service platform provider's online, with years of experience, gives an effective solution.


For example, cosmetic daily necessities, one of the most devastated industries in the mobile Internet industry, was previously purchased after physical store experience, and in the era of mobile internet, it became a physical store experience and consultation. Afterwards, online purchases are very serious for offline merchants. For online merchants, they face the risk of competing with traditional channels for source channels. For consumers, they face various types of counterfeit goods. The risk can be said to be a total defeat.


Under the Internet-connected ( O2O cloud platform solution, not only can it effectively avoid all kinds of risks, but it can also use the big data of the cloud platform for effective analysis, high-efficiency and low-cost, and solve problems for enterprises.


After sharing through the two-dimensional code, whether the user is using the APP or the WeChat QR code scanning can quickly and easily enter the company's mobile Internet online store for consumption, and the user can lock the nearest physical store according to their own positioning to pick up , The merchant can also lock the user through positioning to carry out the distribution, saving a lot of resources and costs.


Of course, as the cloud platform, the most important part is necessarily the “cloud”. Under the huge online resource bank, merchants can analyze the surrounding business conditions, household conditions, purchase status, and other data. Goods and stocks are purchased to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. It is also possible to form a business alliance by promoting the replacement of resources such as the online cloud integration platform provided by the Internet and merchants of connected online services to stimulate consumption.


In general, as the O2O market APP experts in the mobile Internet era, Connected Online has great advantages both in terms of solutions and platform resources, and its unique cloud platform Big Data has become a traditional chain industry. An effective tool for differentiated competition in the era of mobile internet.

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