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Internet online helping traditional businesses to develop new retail

       Along with the mobile Internet, big data, networking and cloud computing technology development and innovation, "the new retail era is accelerating the arrival of" the birth of a new retail concept, marking the pure electricity supplier is coming to an end, "Internet plus" era of the traditional retail industry will usher in a new form of business, as the Internet industry giants, Shenzhen Internet online cloud computing Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Internet online) build multi resources, launched the "total solution", Internet plus help businesses detonated brand sales.


A new online one-stop retail service solution


As in the industry has a rich experience in technology innovation enterprise, the Internet online launched a one-stop retail services solutions, to subvert the traditional business thinking mode, integration nowadays advanced shopping guide mode, service open online and offline, to help enterprises achieve one-stop management, with big data analysis as the basis, to build the local O2O platform, to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain, improve store operation and management mechanism, to deal with the new era of retail demand.


Case sharing


Chinese Gongxiaozongshe "Marketing e home life service platform

China marketing Agel Ecommerce Ltd is ACFSMC subordinate enterprises, by Chinese supply and Marketing Group Limited company funded the establishment of the registered capital of 200 million yuan. "Supply and Marketing e home" O2O online business based on the mobile Internet, relying on the offline supply and marketing entity stores, to create a local O2O life service platform! "And E" O2O life service platform by the head office of unified management and control by the local electricity supplier companies, holding independent management Cooperation Bureau, by the local industries in many types of merchants settled in the franchise, is a comprehensive O2O local life service platform of a strong government, state-owned enterprises have strong endorsement of resources and improve the supply and distribution of advantage!




The living service platform of "city enjoy" in Datong government

Datong Pingcheng treasure city through the network science and technology limited company (the government of Datong SASAC Investment Holdings) was established in November 24, 2016, registered capital of 10 million. Datong Pingcheng treasure city through the network science and technology limited company's "city to enjoy" the local life service platform through the Internet online integration of life service platform, to build a comprehensive network of Datong has sovereignty, local characteristics, and the Datong when under ground with physical stores and services catering, leisure and entertainment business, convenience stores, tourist attractions and other life service industry integration, and will open up online and offline, with their own core strengths to create a local beauty group".





Dongfeng Nissan WeChat O2O platform

Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co was founded in June 16, 2003. It is an important passenger car sector of Dongfeng Motor Company. It is engaged in R & D, purchase, manufacture, sale and service business of passenger cars. It is one of the few automotive production enterprises with full value chain in China. Interconnected online integration is easy to get WeChat marketing services through WeChat marketing management system, including data statistics, business management, customer management, WeChat management, etc., to solve WeChat marketing problems of headquarters and franchised stores. Through online car sales platform, online and offline sales of cars, preferential push, appointment test drive, new car recommendation, phased car buying, etc., to provide automotive O2O e-commerce solutions.




Run people group - the O2O platform of the eight Kingdoms

Pig Kingdom online is run min group for a set of "pig breeding, launched online consumption and financial functions of the Internet financial products, Internet online easy fusion provides a one-stop solution to offline business opportunity combined with the Internet platform resources, and the use of P2P and raise public finance mode, to achieve online interactive O2O, reduce the cost of stores, expanding the line shopping channels, users of financial information to facilitate business to consumer purchase data collection, in order to achieve precision marketing purposes, to better maintain and expand customer, and the use of idle funds invested in the enterprise user's future earnings. The pig Kingdom Online specifically refers to the user to buy piglets through online pig breeding base, commissioned by the Kingdom, and the growth of feeding pigs due to view online, can choose to entrust the slaughter and distribution, but also directly to the farms for pigs, or entrust sales revenue.




Kangmei medicine - palmar concom

Palm beauty is a group APP service platform of Kangmei pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd. It aims to provide every customer with a comprehensive and convenient O2O service in medical and pharmaceutical industry. The platform has integral exchange, product traceability, physical identification, online registration and so on to the customer comprehensive O2O health services.


The customers we have served are far more than this......

      The Internet online on the Internet ten years of accumulated precipitation, many industries electricity supplier landing scheme based on popular demand, vigorously develop the new pattern, through the integration of resources comprehensively, the core advantage of Internet plus technology, the power of traditional business development of new retail, to provide more extreme products and services to the customer experience.