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Three carriages pull the chain O2O

Lao Song is the owner of a chain of catering companies. Recently, the staff found that he had a lot of smiles on his face.


As early as two or three years ago, Lao Song was very much convicted. As a chain of catering companies, expansion is undoubtedly a magic weapon to enhance competitiveness, but rising labor costs and rents have become the biggest problem. In addition, terminal operations, personnel training, logistics and distribution, image follow-up and other aspects have invested heavily. Huge financial pressure had to make Lao Song stab it.


Expand online sales channels, Lao Song also tried to do online group purchase. Although it took the e-commerce express train, the profit growth was limited. After all, restaurants and home appliances, clothing and other products can be delivered to their homes, and they must be affected by the consumption areas. In addition, for low-profile food and beverage group purchases, even if the price is low, the consumer's interest is limited.


How to make your own business more competitive? Recently, Lao Song felt that he had found the right key. This is due to the contact between Lao Song and the Internet. Internet Connect is the first brand provider of mobile O2O platform for domestic chain enterprises. They understand the problems encountered by Lao Song.


According to Li Zhengwang, the executive president of Interconnection Online, in fact, the problems encountered by Lao Song have also been encountered by many chain companies and they all need to be resolved. Because with the long-term boom in the land market, in addition to giants such as Carrefour who can sign a lease of 10-15 years, most of the chain stores have to face long-term upward pressure on rent costs. In the past, they relied on increasing network density to boost sales. The method seems to have touched the ceiling. In this case, some home appliances, clothing and other chain companies have expanded e-commerce and achieved certain success on the B2C model. However, more chain companies have started to restrict the price of consumer regions or price conflicts between online and offline companies. Network headaches and other issues...


Is there a better business model for chain companies? Xiaobian asked.


“Yes!” Li Zhengwang replied affirmatively, “The rapid rise of mobile Internet in the past two years (according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that as of October 2013, the size of China’s mobile phone users is about 1.2 billion, of which 516 million are smartphone users), Brought a better business model for the chain of companies to move O2O. And it is worth noting that mobile O2O is a key opportunity for the development of chain companies in the past decade, missed mobile O2O is to miss the next decade."


Li Zhengwang further explained: “In fact, Lao Song’s attempts to purchase online catering services are both B2C and O2O. The O2O mode is the way to deliver goods online or experience services through online orders. Mobile O2O can use mobile phones to be more discounted. Information such as providing information, service bookings, etc. is pushed to consumers to convert them into their own offline customers. Consumers can also use mobile phones to make consumption more convenient and faster in fragmented times such as waiting for cars and waiting for elevators.


"How can a chain company use the mobile O2O model?"


“On the example of the online online mobile mall cloud platform settled by Lao Song, it is necessary to have three carriages to keep pace with each other to move O2O.”


The first carriage mobile mall entrance barrier-free


Allowing people to easily reach their mobile phone store is the basis for generating sales. Do not underestimate the access barrier, because in real life, such situations are always repeated -


Please scan the QR code...please select the operating system......please download...


In spite of the attraction of preferential information, the vast majority of consumers have become impatient during the download wait and opted out.


The APP mobile mall provided by the Internet has taken the lead in resolving this embarrassment of merchants. Use WeChat to scan the two-dimensional code to open the App Store. You can directly access Lao Song's “shop” without downloading. At the same time, you can provide multiple versions of the APP to install and download the QR code link. In addition, taking into account the different mobile phone terminals in the hands of consumers, Interconnection Online has specially designed the adaptation code to easily adapt to the compatibility of major mainstream systems and multiple platforms (Android, IOS, and winPhone) to solve the compatibility problem of screen size.


In order to help consumers successfully access Lao Song's mobile phone store, Internet also provides web site access, can directly type in the website, and support Baidu and Google's optimization search.


In order to further facilitate consumers, the Internet WEB APP website can quickly generate desktop icons and save them in mobile phones. Consumers can view Lao Song's “shop” at any time and never need to input a website address.


The online portal has taken into account the entrance of the mobile mall very carefully, and it is truly accessible. Li Zhengwang is very concerned about the platform on the market where some messy consumers can't reach it smoothly and it will affect the healthy development of mobile O2O.


The second carriage produces consumer stickiness and sharing


"If the B2C model's victory is a victory in the price war, then moving O2O can no longer go this old road, the price war blindly hit, the final result can only be both merchants and consumers lose.", Li Zhengwang said: "Mobile O2O The second key to the success of the model is to make it sticky to consumers and make users happy to share."


Specifically, businesses can make consumers feel simpler, more fun, more fun, and more stylish by moving O2O tools and content. For example, Lao Song, you can design a series of processes:


Through geo-location (GPS) service, sending promotional information to attract consumers to patronize - in waiting time to serve, consumers can take a look at the catering culture, corporate brand, chef introduction, food practices - customers eat well Exquisite dishes to eat, direct cell phone tapping, via microblogging, text messaging, space, MSN community communication, reviews - consumption is completed, send discount coupons - after the completion of the consumer, you can push coupons for your own or partner businesses directly To the customer's mobile phone


This will allow consumers to experience online and offline, review and share, and return online, which is very conducive to stimulating products and services similar to those offered by Lao Song, such as restaurants, clothing stores, and automobiles. Stores, beauty salons, etc.


In order to increase the user's stickiness, the online mobile mall platform has also introduced game points. The game includes a lot of fun, jigsaw puzzles, and Lianliankan that everyone likes. It's simple, fun, and interactive. Consumers can easily play a few games in the “boring” of the fragmented time, enjoying the fun of the game, but also get additional shopping discounts, and more willingly “sticky”.



The third carriage cloud data benefit sharing


Going alone is not as effective as team fighting. On the road of moving O2O, we can advance together with our partners to be higher, faster and stronger. To this end, Connected Online specifically provides mobile mall platform alliance services. In line with the principle of voluntary sharing of customer resources, we have interconnected online open platform data and customer resource sharing services. For consumers, the consumption points can be exchanged among different businesses on the platform; for entering merchants, massive cross-enterprise and cross-industry customer resources can be shared; interconnected online provides big data analysis results for settled businesses to help enterprises Improve products and services.


"The overall situation of e-commerce has been determined, and mobile O2O will be the trend of the development of the chain industry. The next king will be born here!", Li Zhengwang looked ahead.

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