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In the next three years, the three major areas will face a comprehensive outbreak of public demand.
     WeChat (WeChat) an instant messaging service for intelligent terminal free application as launched by Tencent Inc, has been in operation for 6 years to 2016, WeChat has covered more than 94% China intelligent mobile phone, users reached 806 million monthly active users, covering more than 200 countries and over 20 languages. In the "Internet plus" era, highlighting the advantages more WeChat platform, viral dissemination of information, the fan effect, accurate and flexible way of marketing, the benefit of low cost and high return, so that more businesses choose the WeChat platform for brand building, business development and other activities.
     In recent years, with the Internet plus, cloud computing, big data development spurt, WeChat public number also presents the new development trend: 1. users more interactive, more diverse forms, pay more attention to the quality of service and the production of original content protection; 2. to the government agencies, well-known Brand Company, traditional enterprises in areas such as depth development rising demand also pay more attention to the user experience; 3. vertical, hierarchical development, operation more professional.
     WeChat public number is an important information access port for users in the mobile terminal. Its development is fast and hot, and WeChat excellent cases such as government affairs, people's livelihood and life are at the forefront of the list. WeChat public Internet online service platform "Shenzhen Baoan District IRS", through the platform, enrich the program and content, through the operation of content, the effective dissemination of the tax knowledge, through the VR panoramic walk, optimize the user experience a sense of service; Hengda Group WeChat public platform "Chinese Hainan sea flower island" through a series of activities to achieve online and offline interaction, the development of the game fans enhance the viscosity of the operating brand image; WeChat public service platform "beauty", to the public lighting, building, image, product design, content and a series of publicity work from scratch, rapid increase of beauty lighting products are also well-known, walked slowly into the thousands of households... Because professional, we step by step ahead in the industry!

Customer case
Well-known brand for operation: improve brand awareness, create industry leader status, expand guest drainage.

The government unit generation operation: create something convenient service window to provide online office platform, providing VR visual scene service.
Traditional enterprises for operation: to help traditional enterprises to inject the Internet gene, to create the WeChat end promotion and sales platform, Tuo guest drainage.

     WeChat Internet online generation operation, by a professional team and build the system, the transformation from technology providers for marketing service providers, leading in the marketing strategy implementation and operation system construction as well as the media, provide a full range of support services, customers gain more relaxed, more convenient.