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Heavy weight! Internet is about to open 90 million user data online!
       PC lnteret Agethe most classic theory is that you cannot know sitting opposite is a person or a dog; but in the mobile Internet era, with a variety of social applications, and based on the location information of the product, we can clearly know that you sit opposite is a person or a dog, even can roughly know the basic situation of his / her.
       Not only that, we can even fine run the user's data to discover business value from it. Internet based on ten years of industry experience, through tools to do business, marketing, services, and other platforms to achieve accurate and active users90 milliontor 190 thousand enterprisesprovide mobile marketing tools. 90 million live users provide the basis for large user data analysis for the Internet, and this number is growing rapidly at a geometric speed.
       Through this set of data collection frameworks, we can understand users' attributes, application interests, lifestyle, interest and payment capabilities online, so that the specific application scenarios are clearer. Next, the Internet will open 90 million users' data and apply it to the mobile advertising field to help businesses or businesses get accurate users quickly.
       The Internet online live powder solution through diversion of user classification, integration and application of the user habits, the user belongs to the downstream distribution channels characteristics and optimization, to ensure the best time and occasion to "advertising messages" to the most suitable for the user, the user of advertising from passive acceptance into active acceptance and initiative to obtain, thus greatly improving the actual effect of marketing

      In addition, the Internet online cool mobile partner marketing activities, by red packets, tasks questions, and answers, prizes, coupons and other ways, the line under the powder, and a variety of interactive, completed a clear portrait of these fans, these fans will be accurate guide to advertisers.
      Meanwhile, online more than 300 self media and cooperative more than 5000 subscriptions resources have been built online, covering 108 cities and and 46 industries, which can be promoted accurately according to customer's region, gender and user portrait.

       The Internet has precise user data and marketing scenarios, and it will be more targeted for advertising, and deepen personalized service to advertisers to ensure the best advertising results. In terms of technology focus on the improvement of the main products and platforms, so that different users can see the advertising content is completely different, and thus reduce the non users required negative effects of advertisement brings to the user experience, enhance the user of the acceptance of advertising, in order to improve the actual effect of advertising.