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The Internet online help "Internet plus government" Baoan IRS WeChat public No. 2 conference held successfully!

      "Internet plus" for three consecutive years was written into the government work report. In 2017, Premier Li Keqiang put forward specific directions for the reform of government affairs: accelerating the interconnection of information systems between state departments and local governments, and forming a unified national government service platform. Through the "Internet plus government services to achieve decentralization, put the tube combination, smart and efficient government services to optimize the three-in-one.

      "Internet plus government", leading the new mode of government services


      The 13th Five-Year plan, to strengthen the leading role in technological innovation, reduce the administrative examination and approval, to promote decentralization, so that companies and people feel more "tube service reform; from central to local government departments at all levels and institutions are gradually carrying out the" Internet + government services, the government of the Internet in terms of the way, and the strength of the mature Internet Co such as Internet online cooperation as the preferred.

     Making use of Internet technology to build a comprehensive platform for tax service\

       Internet online has been precipitated over the Internet for ten years, focusing on the precision marketing ecology of mobile Internet. It has unique advantages in mobile big data, precision marketing and technology tools. Shenzhen Baoan City, the IRS will Internet online advanced in the field of the Internet, the first time with the Internet online "Internet plus government" cooperation, and in March 30th organized the twenty-sixth tax information on the launch ceremony of "Shenzhen Baoan tax" WeChat public No. 2 referral will.


       The "Shenzhen Baoan national tax" WeChat public No. 2 is the representative case of the online online WeChat administration project. The theme of the introduction is "deepening tax reform and promoting enterprise development". Provide technical service on the Internet under the support of Baoan District tax bureau to make full use of WeChat public number of tax service processes, functions, services, personnel, places of "five integration", implementation of the tax service organization, management, operation and service system of "four unification", the WeChat platform to build a set of tax service and tax publicity and complaints acceptance, supervision, management needs six functions in an integrated tax service platform. The VR panoramic hall was built, the tax service was visualized, the clean government supervision card was launched, the "evaluation" of the next household law enforcement was implemented, the hot topics of the new deal were online, and thematic tutoring was expanded.

      Setting up a typical guide to imitate\

       Technical innovation is the Internet plus maximum power, government services and social cooperation platform to promote the "Internet plus government" into a new trend. The cooperation between Shenzhen Baoan District National Taxation Bureau and online online has further improved the level of government service, and the working efficiency has been greatly improved, which has been well received by taxpayers. The successful launching of the 2 public conference of WeChat national revenue in Shenzhen Baoan has successfully shaped the image of the Internet of government agencies, which will inevitably lead to the competition of government agencies.


       2017 NPC and CPPCC "raise the quality of public service" to continue to overweight, "Internet plus government" will become the focus of the work of the government in the next few years, local governments and Internet Co to promote regional cooperation to accelerate the Internet plus government, the government will provide the future Internet online more diversified services, CO help the government "Internet plus government service" into the fast lane, fully connected to the public with the public service last mile.