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The new wave of the Internet has entered the era of content innovation

      In recent years, in the government's public innovation peoples entrepreneurship "call, entrepreneurial ideas burst, entrepreneurial projects but through the observation that emerge in an endless stream, takeaway O2O, taxi software, broadcast platform, sharing the bike to occupy the mainstream of entrepreneurial projects, relying on Internet plus business model has changed the characteristics of the traditional industry, the key to success of the project is the flow and entrepreneurs execution, by the homogenization of the copy and burn the game of competition, the final result is the winner. Therefore, these projects will be more and more difficult to get the favor of investors.

The transformation of Chinese Internet from mode innovation to content innovation
  With the development of the Internet, Chinese Internet format shows the new development trend, the content of innovation from simple business model "Internet plus" to rely on technology and service platform, real users, thinking from the flow of thinking into the user thinking, business forms and business models also changed. Under the influence of new entrepreneurial thinking, users are no longer a simple audience. They are both content recipients and content producers and disseminators.
  As for content innovation, Luo fat is the spokesperson for the innovation of the chief content. It takes two years to prove that the content can also make money, and not by advertising. He completed B round financing in October 20, 2015 with a valuation of 1 billion 320 million RMB. It has successfully used content innovation to attract investors' olive branches.
        More and more content innovation enterprises are attracting the attention of investors. As a typical representative of music, music is regarded as a unique mode of the world, which is supported by music and innovation's corporate values. In the business environment of innovation gimmicks, the business model is not only innovative, but also the real innovation of values and ideas is realized. Nowadays, music is no longer a simple video website. It crosses 13 industries, such as TV, cell phone, sports and so on, forming an ecosystem of "platform + content + terminal + application".
        With the start of the content of innovation is increasingly stressed, more and more similar logical thinking, as the music users with innovative thinking enterprises will get more investors, which will replace the mode of innovation has become the mainstream, at the same time, will also be on the entrepreneurial quality put forward higher threshold.
Interlinked product ecology makes the power of interconnected online content innovation
       Interconnected online relies on professional precipitation for more than 10 years. Through the early stage, it provides mobile management system services for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises users, and over to today's mobile marketing services. It achieves efficient connection with hundreds of millions of mobile users through more than 10 years of user data accumulation.
       The Internet online that the development of mobile technology has put the Internet into an irreversible direction, the value of ecological chain construction is the most important mobile Internet, mobile Internet connectivity is a business model, value chain, is not only a technical communication. The Internet will build product matrix from four levels, namely, tool level, service level, platform level and media level. The core is mobile Internet and big data marketing, and it will fully cover the demand of mobile internet marketing application, and build mobile marketing ecosystem. Interconnected online product ecosystem intergrated with user thinking as the core direction, and through continuous polishing of big data and content ecology, we achieved the power of online online content innovation.
       With the increasing demand for content in the era of mobile Internet, more and more content entrepreneurs have come to the competition, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. In the era of emphasis on content innovation, the spirit of pragmatism and innovative spirit will help enterprises to create a new track on the creation of the entrepreneurial environment. After many years of precipitation and hardening, the Internet has built up the latest innovation mode on the basis of consolidating itself and keeping pace with the times. In the field of content innovation, it has taken the lead in the industry, showing its vigorous vitality and vitality.

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