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"Internet plus" open a new trend of government 2017
In February 13th, President Si Xiao was invited to Sichuan Chengdu Research Institute of Tencent, is a new trend of Internet plus government service "and" Internet plus "under the special share. The main leaders of the government office of Sichuan provincial government and the relevant leaders of the information management of the prefectures and prefectures attended the meeting. President Si Xiao said in his speech, the mobile will become the "watershed Internet plus government", especially with the national level policies issued, will move into Internet plus the overweight.
Since 2013 since the rise of WeChat, a number of public affairs ", increase in the number of amazing stride forward singing militant songs". According to the national government new media report released by Tencent, the number of government affairs WeChat public in China has exceeded 100 thousand, and the popularity rate of government WeChat at all levels is between 30% and 60%, showing a large-scale and multi-level development trend.
The use rate of government affairs mobile platform is far higher than that of PC, and government agencies also gradually catch up with the development of Internet age. In order to meet the needs of social development, government agencies increasingly choose the strength of the company on behalf of the Internet industry service platform, WeChat public bridge of government authorities and the public in close contact with the government, more and more close to the people, "Internet plus" concept, continue to update and improve the website service content and application function.
"Internet plus government" generation operation case
Introduction of the Baoan District National Taxation Bureau

Baoan District IRS is Shenzhen Municipal State Taxation Bureau under the jurisdiction of district level full Bureau, responsible for enterprise value-added tax, consumption tax, income tax (within the scope of their duties, and the tax) offshore oil enterprise securities transaction stamp tax, vehicle purchase tax collection and management, responsible for the export tax rebate work.
Platform construction
By adding and updating the functional modules, two times are developed according to the demand, which enriches the content and function of the column. Through the WeChat platform service is convenient and efficient, so that people really benefit from Internet plus age. The contents are based on the tax service and the government is supplemented by government affairs. It provides the service of the new policy express delivery, the policy interpretation, the training plan, the notice announcement, the complaint suggestion and so on. A tax service platform and service module set square, exclusive area, docking state.
Content operation
Baoan District's internal revenue service is running its public account. It further publicize tax policies, regulations and tax collection and management system, timely publish rich tax information, plan, package and promote it through good operation, and transmit information and knowledge to taxpayers more vividly and vividly.

VR panoramic ramble
With the new interactive technology, to assist the agencies to provide powerful new interactive experience for the user, including 720 panoramic display, VR experience and creative content, with the advanced way of publicity, give users a better experience, understand the tax related knowledge and information to facilitate the people better.
"Mobile Internet plus government" of the new trend is unstoppable, under the background of new era, with Premier Li Keqiang's call, the government will closely combine the Internet, information processing, people, more down to earth to serve the people.