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B2C small program solution that can't be missed by the small program business city
WeChat does not do business directly, but it can be the entrance to all e-commerce. With WeChat's huge flow system, businesses want to think about how to get users. Do you seize the opportunity from the public business city to the small program mall?
The advantages of small programs can't be underestimated
Low cost
There is no need for hundreds of thousands of APP custom development costs, and a small program can be generated by simply developing it. Short period of development, businesses can quickly build their own e-commerce platform.

The user experience is good
Zhang Xiaolong, the founder of WeChat, said that a good product should be used out. Small program occupies small space, users do not need to download APP, only need to operate at the WeChat end, you can easily experience. No installation and uninstall trouble. Easy and quick.

Strong data and user support to increase access to customers
According to the latest news, WeChat's active monthly account increased to 846 million. As a super flow big fish pond, it itself has complete data and a strong user base, starting faster.

There is no need to download and install, like a native APP experience
The Internet has taken the lead in developing a small program business city to help enterprises build an e-commerce platform quickly.

\(small program service industry)
Small program business city, marketing more up
  1. 1.No installation, scavenging small program business
  2. 2.PC/ WeChat mall, one of the two, one development, synchronous online PC end, WeChat end of the business city
  3. 3.Silk is slippery and smooth, like a native APP, such as Jingdong, Tmall
  4. 4.Powerful, complete B2C system support, and can build large business city platform
  5. 5.Specially designed for WeChat platform, based on the construction of WeChat small program framework, solve the problem of payment and login.
  6. 6.Data encryption, all data are transmitted through encrypted HTTPS, safe and reliable
  7. 7.The cost of development is only 1/10 of the APP of the commercial city, and the fission transmission can be realized with the help of WeChat.

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