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The four major levels of Internet online improve the product layout and build a mobile marketing ecosystem

Preface: the business revolution brought by cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data and micro marketing has opened the "golden age" of accurate marketing of mobile Internet. The development of mobile technology has turned the Internet into an irreversible direction. The value chain environment of mobile Internet is the most important. Mobile Internet must be connected to a business mode and ecological value chain, not just technology connectivity.

The Internet has been very important for mobile internet marketing value, as early as 2013 began to get involved in the field of mobile marketing, after three years of rapid popularization and application of mobile marketing tool, in 2016 launched a comprehensive mobile Internet online marketing product layout, committed to creating a new state of mobile marketing.
         In terms of product layout, the online online product matrix is built from four levels, namely, tool level, service level, platform level and media level. The core is mobile Internet, big data marketing, and it fully covers the demand of mobile internet marketing application, and builds mobile marketing ecosystem.

 Four major levels to improve the product layout and build a mobile marketing ecosystem

         The product matrix of online online mobile marketing perfected, from the four levels of tool level, service level, platform level and media level, the product and enterprise mobile marketing need to highly agree, so as to meet the diversified needs of mobile marketing.

Tool layer

            Cool partner: WeChat marketing tool self-help platform;

            Good site: mobile APP business city self-service platform;

            It is easy to integration: mobile H5/O2O platform

Service layer:

           Cool partner: WeChat public marketing agency service.

Platform layer:

    Little circle: WeChat has been on the platform of media precision advertising.

Media layer:

    ◆The first activity: WeChat reading platform from the media;

    ◆The E mobile advertising platform: accurate input;

    ◆The flowering of treasure: mobile media big data platform.
In the mobile Internet era, with the change of traditional Internet to mobile Internet, the way of thinking has changed from traffic thinking to user thinking, and business form and business mode have changed accordingly. From the tool layer, the service layer, the platform layer and the media layer, Internet is a cumulative development process. It is also a necessity to conform to the development of the times.
      Of course, this revolutionary development is not a flat ground, but a steady and steady play.

      Interconnected online through professional precipitation for 13 years, we must provide mobile management services to users in the early stage, so that today's mobile marketing services can be provided.
      Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of the online online mobile eco marketing system and the effective connection with hundreds of millions of mobile users, it will bring a multiplier effect to the marketing and development of more traditional enterprises.
      The mobile Internet is not just an extension of the PC Internet, but a subversion
      Although China has entered the Internet a little later than Europe and the United States, China has been in the forefront of the world without any suspense in the wave of mobile Internet.
      In the future, in the wave of mobile Internet disruptive, Internet online will continuously consolidate the capabilities of mobile marketing, and explore more innovative marketing methods, in order to become the core force that leads China's marketing trend and drives its development.