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E mobile advertising ecosystem

   In the social age of all the people, a new wave of "social media" has swept up. It is no longer confined to the tool that conveys information, and becomes the "original ecological" stage for the new generation to connect emotions.

        According to the "statistics report on the development of China Internet network", as of June 2016, the number of Internet writers has reached 105 million, accounting for 25.8% of the total Internet users. There are nearly 30 publishing platforms for original articles. BAT, 360, NetEase, millet and other giants invest or create advertising functions in the original articles. Many industries are trying to explore the advertising plus business mode.
        The flames of original articles are burning. Why do they suddenly become the new home of social marketing? What are the famous social media marketing platforms that are stepping up the layout of original businesses?
        Communication has always been the cornerstone of brand marketing, so the "social media" is also known as "social marketing" from the perspective of market. The mature social marketing positions include micro-blog, public number, friends circle and so on. The big V from the media is a guarantee of high traffic. Some public numbers with a large number of fans and big grass roots enjoy the bonus of the content.
         E launch is the first batch of digital marketing platform launched by the first batch of enterprises in China to release App mobile advertising, and the online online marketing channel is the "E start".
         Interconnected online focuses on providing WeChat public number, short video from the media, micro-blog celebrities, WeChat information flow advertising (effect sink) and other social media marketing business, and soon becomes one of the pillar of increasing online online technology. At the beginning of 2016 E from the original target, the integration of advertisers, the original author, the public number, E, social media platform to build the original marketing service platform is to get the author internal quotation and other social media as an auxiliary landing, and get the original hot resource platform, perform more Fu experience.
         For example, advertisers in the running live facing the confusion, how to get a lot of short time and the enterprise's own business matching resources? How to flourish in the anchor "find" cost-effective cooperation network red? How do controllable implantation of advertising information in the delivery process? How to query to live in the process of marketing KPI? The solution to these problems depends on the credibility of a video from the media list. So the precise marketing analysis of E is directly directed to the most effective cooperation list.


   E as a new type of social media, not just hundreds of millions of people "see friends of the feast, but also a mark the beginning of creation, which contains unlimited cash flow and innovative formats may help find more cooperation from the media, business opportunities, social media marketing platform to assist the original to open platform, will play in the future of the original meaningful business ecological role.


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