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Mobile social advertising has matured to start a new pattern

     From 2010 onwards, with the popularity of smart devices, improve mobile facilities, comprehensive coverage of 3G, 4G, WIFI, Internet users to migrate to the mobile terminal, the rapid rise of mobile social networking, social media environment, users need to log on to social media, the advertising marketing object is the account login, can precision marketing according to the property of the person, this is the current popular social advertising, especially mobile social marketing will gradually become the mainstream direction.


      Mobile social advertising provides the best emotional connection for the marketing and user insight into the needs of individual users, move inside the user's emotional appeal in the interactive multi scene, online and offline marketing combination, to create a more practical consumer connection, which finished one.

        At present, with the development of mobile social advertising, media and service segments in various categories and the needs of advertisers not only, in order to enrich the increase of advertisers and media owners to get the service platform of products, with the ability to integrate resources through differentiated services to provide better returns to the industry to mature revenue the development of. In this industry background, the little circle of big data mobile social system based advertising accurate delivery platform came into being, the combination of mobile marketing tools and media layer resources and social media integration resources, can provide advertisers with social media from the quotation, purchasing, planning, delivery and tracking effect and other professional media services.


Mobile social advertising is gradually becoming mature

After several years of development, China's mobile social advertising market has gradually shifted from the early stage to the mature stage, and presents a diversified trend of development.


The form of mobile social advertising has begun to diversify

Form of article

Mainly through the WeChat public number, the self media subscription number and so on, it is presented to the fans in the form of picture and text, showing products and brand images in many directions, interacting with fans, causing topic effect and emotional resonance.

Word of mouth marketing

Through the circles of friends, micro-blog, and so on, we can share "endorsement", "acquaintance endorsement" and word of mouth marketing by using red men and stars, so as to enhance the popularity and reputation of products and brands.

Live video

Through video, self media, popularity, anchor line, broadcast, scene advertising, artistes live broadcast, interact with fans, so that advertisements can be more intuitive, easier to transmit, and users will have deeper memories.

News and information

Planning and writing different types of articles, such as hot events, business news, business marketing, etc., can be widely disseminated and highly disseminated through mobile social news media, forming a focus of public opinion, setting up corporate brand image and rapidly enhancing brand awareness.


Business and individual advertisers are also more diverse in their marketing purposes
Brand communication, enhance brand awareness, reputation;
New products are released and promoted, new products spread quickly and cover the         market.
Promotion and promotion of activities to aggregate accurate flow for online and offline           activities.
The game / application promotion, increase the product new user, improve the product          use rate;
Listen to the voice of the consumer, interact with the consumer, improve the product             and service.

Mobile social advertising is gradually mature, on the one hand advertisers increase in investment in the mobile terminal industry, advertisers demand, brand advertisers budget increase, on the other hand, the media environment has become more mature, since the development of the media for the media to provide a broader advertising space.The one-stop integrated mobile marketing solution platform has become a need for the current mobile social advertising. Take the circling platform as an example, the advantages of the mobile social advertising platform are clear and clear.

Mode advantage of mobile social advertising platform

By B2B, B2C, C2C trading model, polymerization media resources (B), social media resources (C), and the promotion of demand of the enterprise or individual (B&C), docking the needs of both sides, both sides to build a trading platform; at the same time, breaking the traditional media proxy mode, so that advertisers and media owners direct communication, to achieve precision marketing with low cost.

Taking cloud technology as the core, we build a large social media resource database, so that advertisers can easily and independently use big data, select media resources accurately, precisely target them, and achieve true precision marketing,while helping advertisers optimize the effect of new media, it helps to realize traffic realisation from the media, and form one of the business models that are inherent in the media. We should also expand the social media market and set up media trading rules in the mobile Internet era.

The resource advantage of mobile social advertising platform

The social media resource trading platform as the mainstream in China,The small circle has gathered the mainstream social platform from the media resources, covering more than 200 industries and more than 2000 areas.Through the massive social media resource integration, to achieve all kinds of WeChat large circle of friends, grassroots reds, micro-blog stars and celebrities, popular full coverage of live anchor, coffee star and all kinds of news media and other high-quality advertising resources, to meet the different needs of products and brand communication.

The platform - based product allows resources to be concentrated as much as possibleMedia owners can self help enter the platform, free pricing, self help orders, advertisers can help themselves screen media resources through the platform, combine delivery plans, self help orders, settle accounts, and track the execution status, feedback and publishing results of media owners.

Mobile social advertising platform application advantages

Using the combination of big data and social media, customer oriented, breaking through the limitation of time and space, we can only see the right people at the right time, through the right carrier and in the right way.We use fission of social relations to expand fission communication, enlarge the scope and effect of social advertising, use social media to achieve native advertising communication, and resonate with users' emotions more easily.

Social media and big data marketing combination, customer oriented, accurate positioning, targeted, can be a combination of online and offline resources, break through the limits of active marketing, low cost, can also be put in effect tracking, real-time view on the effect.

Big data marketing is a long line marketing way of small investment and high return.Data insight and analysis can accurately locate the potential user groups, and use the users as assets to achieve value added and gain more economic benefits.

Technical advantages of mobile social advertising platform

Through the OGSM strategy development tools, marketing purpose and target market plan, starting from the real needs of the target population, according to the age, gender, region, preference, active period and other dimensions, the exact outline of media and audience portrait, according to the budgets and promote the rational use of 80/20 data to predict, put the law making of media planning combination scheme, according to the different media planning corresponding or series of creative time delivery, real-time monitoring of advertising effect,Through the data analysis, the PDCA cycle continues to improve the performance, thus reducing the cost of advertising, upgrading the conversion rate, maximizing the ROI, and truly realizing the precision marketing.

The mobile terminal has a huge user system, social media has become the main battlefield of marketing, mobile advertising procedures will become mainstream, only deep professional platform mobile terminal social advertising, in order to integrate social media resources, with large data to support the establishment of mobile terminal open mode of big data marketing, will make the future of marketing social advertising purchase program,More scientific, accurate, efficient, from the effect of marketing, more visual, controllable, monitoring, foreseeable.