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The traditional industries have been “shocked” and the o2o mobile mall has settled in Zhongshan

With the increasing development of localized e-commerce on the Internet, the links between information and physical objects, online and offline have become increasingly closer, and O2O will become the next nugget for e-commerce sites and the new blue ocean of traditional enterprises. . At present, the traditional industries are gradually "electric shock", while the 020 mobile mall is advancing with the times, firmly seized this opportunity, hot strikes, and firmly in the country!


To put it simply, O2O Mobile Mall is to use online promotion to bring consumers online to online stores to pay for online purchases of goods and services, and then go to the line to pick up the goods and enjoy services. The unusually hot buying in the previous two years was the originator of the O2O model. Today, the O2O model has been extended from on-line group purchases to the physical category of physical stores under the line, and is suitable for more and more areas that can be customized, booked for clothing, home, dining, food, sports and fitness, and cultural and leisure. And consumers feel unprecedented economic speed, but also to many companies and entrepreneurs to see a new blue ocean e-commerce derived.


It can be said that the O2O mobile mall is suitable for experience-oriented products and services that need to be face-to-face and “in-person”, and is particularly suitable for services that cannot be fully completed on the Internet and must be consumed in stores. For example, personally go to the restaurant, personally exercise, personally watch theatrical performances, personal hairdressing, personally customized products. With the advent of the Internet era, e-commerce giants have continued to emerge. With their ever-changing services and experiences, they continue to beat the hearts of consumers and erode the market of traditional enterprises. With the arrival of the buyer's market, is it not necessary for traditional companies to gradually become a sad factory for a platform company? How to break the trend? Internet, a cloud computing technology company that specializes in traditional enterprise services, is your one-stop shop Solve all the problems of internet marketing.


Like Internet-online mobile app production automatic generation platform, relying on 600 million mobile phone users to build a fragmented network marketing tool for traditional enterprises, help companies build new business development channels, and promote the company’s business promotion anytime, anywhere In front of the user. The products and services provided by the Internet are truly realized. Through fissile dissemination, the offline promotion of the company is infinitely enlarged on the line. If you have a mobile phone, there will be your micro shop, and your company will promote it.


In the process of serving traditional enterprises, Connected Online has created a mobile mall self-service cloud platform. Above this platform, the benefits that users can actually change in the user experience are: (1) Quickly self-created APP; ( 2) Multiple mobile mall styles; (3) Multiple terminal systems compatible; (3) Two-dimensional code promotion, news and short message push; (4) Chain o2o mall operation; (5) Mobile phone payment. These basic services will provide a strong driving force for traditional companies to build brands and enhance user experience.


Over the past 11 years, Connected Online has established close customer base through high-quality products and services and has accumulated nearly 70,000 customers ( These companies are located in all walks of life, such as the beauty industry, technology companies, home appliance companies, and the vast majority of small and micro enterprises. With the help of the connected online cloud services, they have become increasingly popular in the traditional industries of the Internet age. In cooperation with Kunming Zhongde Qintong Technology Co., Ltd., Connected Online first helped create a dedicated APP (IOS version name: Rob family). In this APP, China-Germany Qintong can provide its customers with all-process services including membership, order, merchandise, payment, consulting, distribution, navigation and advertising. In the cooperation with Connected Online, Zhongtong Qinde has increased sales channels, increased orders, increased user stickiness, realized sales growth, and can easily manage franchised and directly operated stores. The 020 mobile mall is based on advanced network technology to provide high-tech products for the majority of users, to facilitate people's lives and improve people's quality of life. In the future, 020 Mobile Mall will be dedicated to providing our customers with more quality services. In the huge blue ocean of o2o, it will hit 3,000 miles.

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