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WeChat precision advertising platform dot circle, point between points to delineate consumption
In the context of "mass entrepreneurship and all the business", the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has been increasing. With the growing popularity of the mobile Internet enterprise market, mobile social advertising has become the key area of enterprise service providers.
The Internet online (NEEQ:835727) as the mobile Internet service providers China leading enterprise, from the WeChat marketing tool platform for the first phase (cool partner and good site, easy integration) to the second stage of the mobile marketing layout, and the main launch of mobile social platform -- the little circle of precision advertising, the Internet has gone through ten years of service. The ten years of more than one million small and medium-sized enterprise business. Deep ploughing mobile Internet enterprise market for ten years to master a large number of resources, the new three boards after the Internet with the strength of the Internet with the power of capital to accelerate the development.
Interconnected online dot circle: Based on mobile social precision advertising platform

Mobile social networking has become an important way of social interaction. The mobile social networking report released by AI consulting shows that WeChat, QQ and unfamiliar street are the three most mobile social networking applications. According to ARI's data, WeChat users use the highest number of times per month in terms of user activity, 423.2 times, equivalent to the user's use of WeChat 14 times a day. QQ and strangers use more than 100 per month. It can be seen that people have a high degree of dependence on mobile social, which provides a great opportunity for mobile social advertising.


Surely everyone WeChat are concerned about a variety of public numbers, estimates and ultimately a "funny rookie" WeChat public number of young people; estimates and ultimately a "health coffee V" WeChat number of public concern in the elderly; estimates and ultimately a call "treasure mom dad tide" WeChat public concern mother; estimates and ultimately a call "elegant goddess crash" WeChat public attention in young women...... What you pay attention to is not necessarily a decision on your consumption, but there must be a subtle influence. When you find the advertisement pushed in the public number that you are concerned is just for you, you can't help clicking on it, or even buying it.
Many phenomena show that social networking has become the most important source of people's access to information, including social, financial, entertainment, technology, consumption and so on.
With the era of the mobile social networking power of the Internet, officially launched the online platform layer promotion tools -- little circle cultivating base in market of mobile Internet business more than 10 years on.
The dot circle is based on the mobile social precision advertising platform, and is also a large data advertising platform. Mobile social system, with the precise user portrait, based on large data mining, public opinion monitoring, analysis of user groups, regions, characteristics, interest distribution, through the authority of endorsement let marketing connected users, users actively participate in communication, to make every effect to maximize marketing.


When users use mobile social every click, sharing points like message and other related data are in hand, little circle with data monitoring and analysis function, to consumers as the center, operation and marketing data assets, achieve assets value increment. As long as the master of big data, online advertising hit rate will be greatly enhanced, big data marketing to attract potential customers data into the click rate of turnover rate, data analysis and insight into the precise positioning of potential user groups, the user as the operation of assets, realize the value added, to obtain more economic benefits.

The advance of mobile management system of small and medium enterprises to mobile marketing

From the good site of the tool layer, the cool partners who are easily integrated into the service layer, and then to the small circles of the platform layer, why is there such a layout on the Internet online, which is in line with the development of the era or the strategic layout of the online interconnection. In the field of mobile marketing, which direction will the Internet be laid out in the future?
It is understood that the Internet online layout in the little circle are also lively, the first layout of the media layer E rise, flowering platform such as treasure.
"This is not only to comply with the development of the times, but also the strategic layout of the Internet. From tool layer, service layer, platform layer to media layer, this is a cumulative development process. We must provide mobile management services to users in the early stage, so that today's mobile marketing services can be provided. Zhou Ming, the chairman of the Internet, said that the mobile marketing system will always adhere to the mobile Internet enterprise market service by the mobile management system.


The data show that there are nearly 700 million mobile Internet users in China, and each person uses a variety of mobile phone applications for 1.5 hours a day. In all mobile applications, WeChat's monthly use time is 4 billion 810 million hours, accounting for 16.3% of the China Mobile Internet time. Zhou Ming believes that this provides a great opportunity for WeChat's precision advertising platform, and provides an invaluable opportunity for mobile marketing of SMEs.

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