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Mobile marketing surged to the interconnection online layout of hundreds of billions of markets
China's leading mobile Internet enterprise - level service provider - Internet, has provided services for nearly millions of small and medium sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises marketing mobile Internet, from the operation of marketing to the initiative to put advertising is a necessary process. The Internet online loneliness, strong skills. After two years of deep ploughing in this field, the "dot circle" mobile marketing platform will be launched.
With the widespread use of smart phones and the wide application of social software, the market of mobile social advertising market has already appeared. With the interconnection of nearly one million small and medium-sized businesses, can online take the lead and take off quickly and occupy the market?

Mobile social advertising outbreaks the new growth of Internet advertising in the future

At the age of seventy, a friend of five years old, almost a person with a smart phone, can play well. The number of smartphones continues to expand, and the corresponding mobile marketing and mobile advertising are also rising.
Recently, the data platform of the third party Research Institute, China's Internet, has just published the Research Report on the force of the China Mobile Internet. DCCI data showed that there were 880 million smartphones in 2015. With the increasing popularity of domestic smart machines, mobile advertising has also benefited.
According to ARI's Advisory data, the scale of China's Internet advertising market in 2015 reached 209 billion 700 million yuan and is expected to reach 410 billion 500 million yuan by 2018. AI consulting analyst believes that mobile advertising will be the driving force of the growth of the Internet advertising market in the future, and the means of online advertising will tend to be integrated marketing. Precise marketing and effect quantification can be an important factor for advertisers to consider.


According to relevant statistics, WeChat mobile, unfamiliar street, GAGA, faction faction, neighbor, Sina micro-blog and other mobile social networking software use the largest number. Among them, Tencent released the 2016 version of WeChat data report, showing WeChat user has reached 697 million.
In those years, WeChat had just begun, the circle of friends only self, delicacy and Jack, January 2015, BMW, vivo and Coca-Cola all rolled up debut full circle wave. At the end of the WeChat public article, almost all the ads appeared.
In addition to the mainstream WeChat, every other social software is a "battlefield" for mobile social advertising.
Facebook, a social networking platform that covers the global market, has earned over 100 billion yuan in its information flow advertising revenue. According to the industry's prediction, China Mobile social advertising market will break through 100 billion level in the near future.

Interconnected online dot circle: close to millions of small and medium-sized enterprise resources to develop mobile marketing market

Accurate mobile social advertising is bound to be an important trend in the development of future advertising. Back in 1990s, the early days of the Internet, Internet advertising mode is represented by the YAHOO portal advertising, everyone can see the advertisement is the same, there is no difference, the relationship between users and advertising is very passive; in 2000 -2010 years, the Internet advertising model began to be represented by the Google search advertising, search engine based on user active search behavior feedback specific advertising, the advertising began to take the initiative to meet the needs of users; and after 2010, mobile and social networking began to rise, social advertising will begin to impress users; the beginning of 2016, mobile social advertising will be more precise to understand the user's mind, perhaps specific to push advertising is the looking for the needs of.
It is understood that the little circle is the big data Internet online advertising platform for mobile social networking system based on mobile social system, with the precise user portrait, based on large data mining, public opinion monitoring, analysis of user groups, regions, characteristics, interest distribution, connecting users through authoritative book back let users to actively participate in marketing, and communication. Let each marketing play to the extreme.


This little circle of big data platform can provide the precise user portrait, apart from the user profile and user behavior, but also from the interaction between users and matching: who gave who much praise, leaving many comments, many common concerns of the subscription number, of which restaurants...... Only with these social data can it be more accurate to define a user "who", "what" and "where to go"... When mastering all the attributes of the user, does the advertisement worry that the user can't move the user?
As a leading Internet PaaS technology service provider in China, Internet online has been widely praised by service customers. The Internet online for mobile Internet outlet rapid popularity of mobile marketing tools to let the enterprise development goals, to nearly a million enterprise application marketing tool compensation to the sweetness of the upcoming "small circle" mobile precision marketing investment platform, allow enterprises to continue to work in the field of mobile Internet, expand new market opportunities! The Internet online always firmly for more small and medium enterprises to achieve the "Internet plus development".

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