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"Internet plus" service leader in Yancheng
"Internet online" yesterday formally operated, this year, striving to expand 200 thousand enterprise users
The morning of March 10th, the "Internet plus" platform service provider leader "Internet online", in Jiangsu big data industry park is located in the New South official operation. After the layout of Shenzhen and Hangzhou, Yancheng is the third branch of its domestic distribution. The operation of the company will inject strong propellant into the big data cloud computing industry in the south of Chengnan New Area.
Jiangsu Internet online cloud computing Co., Ltd. is the key introduction of Internet Co in our city in the near future. The company was founded in March 2006, focused on Internet cloud computing is China, leading to a "Internet plus" platform service providers, in the Internet industry first launched the "WeChat +", "O2O immediately home" service industry "daniel". As of December 2015, Jiangsu interconnected to serve the Internet application of 7.36 million enterprises, the number of mobile Internet applications of the number of 92 million.
The main service object of the company is a small and medium enterprise customers, then the small and medium enterprises how to get products and services on the Internet online here? The president of overseas business department Ni Zhenyu said, after listening to the business requirements, the Internet online to reserve data for businesses to provide strong customer base analysis and accurate. The combination of "tailored" WeChat Internet plus "+" "O2O+" "APP+" cloud computing platform for big data tools. And now the vast majority of selling software, and even mobile Internet service companies have no R & D capability only operations another big difference is that the Internet has a huge online customer service, technology promotion team, they will participate in the pre development platform tools products operation, promotion and maintenance, until the customer can successfully learn and independent maintenance products delivered to.
Li Zhengwang, the general manager of the company, admitted that the current Yancheng is not the height of the Internet technology or the highland of talents. When the project was discussed, the head office also had many concerns. "Yancheng City leaders' attitude towards investment, service awareness and precise positioning of big data industry park give us confidence. We are willing to bring our strong team here to cultivate new technological strength." Li Zhengwang said, in Yancheng, they will gradually expand the team, eventually recruiting thousands of enterprises to further promote the related veteran soldiers and able captains, in China "Internet plus service". In 2016, it aims at expanding 200 thousand enterprise users and service 1 million enterprises, and strives to inject strong propellant into the big data cloud computing industry in the new city.
It is understood that this year, Jiangsu big data industry park has great intelligence, science and technology, East Xinbo UNPROFOR big data of nearly 30 projects have been signed up, and lay a solid foundation for the first quarter of "good start".

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