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O2O after the tide of entrepreneurship, the Internet of small and medium-sized enterprises is still unstoppable


This Friday, the leading "Internet plus" cloud platform service providers - "Internet online service center was established in Jiangsu Province, is one of the Internet online three center, which is located in Yancheng big data industry park, building on the day of the Internet online began to officially put into operation.
Backtracking the history of the Internet, a company founded in 2006. Early positioning has always been an enterprise oriented SaaS platform service provider. By the beginning of 2013, the company laid out the mobile Internet business level marketing strategy, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, providing "WeChat +, O2O+, APP+" PaaS self service cloud platform services.
After the Shenzhen headquarters, the Internet also established a business center in Hangzhou in 04 month of 2015. COO Li Zhengwang told us that, by today, they have been serving nearly a million small and medium-sized businesses and businesses.


The Internet of traditional enterprises is unstoppable

Li Zhengwang told us: in the past few years, 2013 has been the R & D year for the PaaS platform, the 2014 brand building year, and the 2015 channel construction year. 2016 will be the product application service year, and also the purpose of establishing the operation center. Let customers better use mobile tool marketing and management, so that more and more small and medium-sized enterprises better service customers and rapid promotion of business model. With the start of O2O direction Internet plus the climax, they also feel the rapid development of business.
For traditional businesses, services and O2O Internet plus combination has several advantages:
Compared to the traditional line of goods and services, it can provide a better experience for the users;
In the online scene of the enterprise, more users can be obtained to improve the consumer's consumption.
The consumer online becomes the user of the enterprise, and the enterprise can analyze the data on the platform through the tools and optimize the operation strategy.
Thus, in 2016, the Internet demand for traditional enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, will continue to increase.
The value of the settlement of Jiangsu
After landing in Yancheng, Jiangsu, the interconnected online building located in the big data Industrial Park will become a customer service center for the whole country, supporting the operation service in East China, and developing Jiangsu's market.
Li Zhengwang said in an interview, this time in Yancheng, a large industrial park has been the support of policy data (big data industry park in Yancheng is one of the few large data cloud computing project for key industrial areas, one in Guiyang); on the other hand, Jiangsu itself is a the number of pieces of treasure, the economic prosperity of hatched businesses and enterprises almost no less than the deep North of guangzhou.
Multitray O2O start-ups
From the beginning of 2015 to 2015, the domestic O2O venture entered the climax.
"All of the ideas that connect online and offline are used to start a business, and these projects are also easily invested.
But part of the project does not reflect the essence of O2O, nor does it find the core value of the project.
A considerable number of projects are half done after burning money. This is the O2O cold wave we often say. "
Li Zhengwang recalls that.
Nevertheless, O2O (or Internet) is a necessary process in the transformation of traditional enterprises, especially for service oriented and sales oriented businesses and businesses. It will combine O2O.
Li Jixu added that the O2O itself could have the same advantages for products and services.
At the same time, the 2015 O2O platform such as the U.S. group, hungry absolute advantage what other form, but as the history of Baidu, Ali and other traffic platform, enterprise businesses in the flow on the platform operating costs will be increasingly high, businesses need to precipitate the user and data in their own online platform, and this requires access through to build their own online platform or platforms to complete (such as WeChat).
"Internet plus" competition
The Internet online where the "Internet plus service" industry competition is becoming fierce, rich opportunities for the industry also makes service providers emerge in an endless stream.
On competition, Li Zhengwang concluded that they have 3 advantages:
Thinking or experience. Deep tillage enterprise market for ten years, they have in-depth understanding of the needs of enterprises, and understand the pain points of traditional businesses and businesses, and provide professional landing solutions, which is called enterprise market gene.
Technology accumulation. Because the technology framework is mature, whether WeChat +, O2O or APP, enterprises and businesses can quickly use the products needed.
A huge service team. They not only provide technology and products to customers, but also provide a follow-up and full range of operating services. At the same time, the establishment of the Jiangsu operation service center will provide services to the national market.
The Internet online business users in Jiangsu plans to expand 200 thousand this year, and provide support for the service platform of 100 million home users in small and medium enterprises.

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