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Enterprise Internet Online - "Internet plus" market of the Unicorn


If we divide the Internet market in the most simple and crude way, we can divide it into consumption market and enterprise market. The former serves the individual users while the latter serves the business users. The giant in the consumer market in the shopping time was like a raging fire, people are surprised to find that the enterprise market situation is also quietly changing.
Compared with the lag of Chinese enterprise market, the demand for enterprises is very strong. Because of the changes in the market and society, China's demographic dividend has passed. Annual 10%-15% human cost growth has become a trend, which requires the operation efficiency of traditional enterprises must be greatly improved, which is a trillion level market.
Interconnected online, relative to the BAT and other giants, may not be well known, but they are constantly attacking the city in the enterprise market and quietly rising.
When researching the enterprise market, I found that the Internet online which was founded in 2006 has been serving the small and medium-sized enterprises, and has won a good reputation in the enterprise market. Especially after 2013, by the "mobile Internet online Internet plus" outlet, homeopathic transformation has deepened, influence in the industry.
"We have a" seeding date ", while we are doing business application services in the market, we are also spreading our ideas and harvesting a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. Now we have reached the end stage. According to the online online Directorate, interconnected online has been working deep in the enterprise market in recent years, has served more than one million small and medium-sized enterprises, and has reached deep cooperation with many enterprises, which has profound influence throughout the country. After 06 months in 2016, we will adjust our strategic layout to transform the payment and value-added services, and continue to expand the corporate market and further expand our influence.
Unlike BAT and other giants, cloud is not only a supplement to their business, but also different from all kinds of personal application tools. In recent years, enterprise service has become a new focus of investment institutions, and Internet has completed several rounds of venture capital market, which is favored by the capital market.
Unlike consumer oriented applications, enterprise markets need more professional knowledge and more patience to achieve success. "When we often meet internally, we say that what we do is enterprise service, which will bring happiness to China's thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, so every step must be more solid and precise. Internet online CEO Zhou Ming said that the golden age of enterprise applications has arrived, and what online interconnection needs to do is to further expand the fruits and consolidate the influence of the industry. "It took us ten years to lay a solid foundation and win the recognition and trust of the market. The enterprise market will become the next outlet."
From the era of IT to the era of mobile Internet, the enterprise market is being paid attention to by capital, entrepreneurs and giants. Careful layout of the enterprise market, especially the Internet online potential in the industry, after sowing plough, or will become the leading Chinese enterprise market under a tuyere benchmark.