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Online 2015 real stock incentive 16 million


According to the CNNIC thirty-seventh report released in January 2016 "China Internet development report" data show: enterprises to "Internet plus" in the traditional industry in the role of a positive optimistic expectations. More than 70% of the enterprises believe that the Internet will play a positive role in solving the nine aspects of enterprise survival and development. Among them, the enterprise for "the most recognized as its Internet plus" in the market economy environment, industry prospects, sales and purchasing personnel as well as five aspects of the role.
According to "China enterprise level mobile application industry white paper": "... The market of enterprise mobile applications will usher in a rapid growth. It is estimated that the scale of China's market will reach 66 billion 630 million yuan in 2016, and the compound growth rate (CAGR) will reach 65.4%. "2013 enterprise business mobile integration management white skin": "the demand for mobile applications in Chinese enterprises has not been opened, but the enterprise mobile information demand is strong. Due to the current cognitive and technological constraints, the demand for mobile Internet applications has not yet been fully opened. However, 96% of respondents want to deploy their businesses to mobile terminals, and 93% of respondents want to achieve mobile office. The mobile Internet era has come, the construction of enterprise information mobile is imminent. Enterprise mobile information will be a change, it is a kind of subversion!
In the period of "12th Five-Year", the service industry in China developed rapidly, and the proportion of the value added to GDP increased year by year. With the integration of Internet and traditional service industry in depth, based on the information network technology and Internet based thinking, service model in practice development, innovation, dynamic modern service industry is growing rapidly, "Internet plus" service industry will occupy a more important position in the national economy. According to my understanding to "Internet plus" platform based enterprise service rapid development, such as: platform service providers - Internet online, in the "Internet plus", get 6 venture investment institutions to invest within two years, more than 90 small and medium-sized enterprise application "Internet plus". At the same time, internal news continued, in 2015, the implementation of the middle and high level real share holding plan, the first batch to stimulate more than 16 million real stock incentives, the second batch of 20 million options incentive. From the industry to the enterprise, "Internet plus" will be the biggest increase in 2016.
The Internet online one to participate in the ESOP senior management said, Internet Co as a human centered operation main body, talent is an important pillar of development, real stock incentive and reinforces the importance of employees in the process of enterprise development to a certain extent. Said the Internet online in 2016 will be the second batch of executive stock incentive, in 2017 to prepare the domestic gem preparatory work, "Internet plus" enterprise application market will produce a group of unicorn.
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