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The Internet Online - focus on the enterprise market ten swords Avenue

互联在线--专注企业级市场 十年铸剑成大道

With the rapid development of the Internet, especially after entering the era of mobile Internet, China's huge user demand has led to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. In the enterprise market, these small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with massive information demand. Based on the technical bonus of cloud computing, mobile and large data, enterprise - level enterprise in China is creating a "golden age".
Focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, committed to the enterprise market for ten years, online online has gradually grown from an unknown small business to an innovative leading enterprise in the industry. Through mobile technology, big data and cloud computing constitute a trinity technology joint force, a powerful driving force for the development of the domestic enterprise market, leading the future development of the industry.
China's national conditions lead to the development of enterprise level market
The enterprise market is closely related to the economic environment change in the whole of China, and the high economic growth of the demographic dividend has become the yellow flower of yesterday. With the increase of labor costs, fine management has become an inevitable choice.
China has joined the WTO for more than ten years, multinational companies overseas, foreign products have even spread to the vast rural market, facing the world leading competitors with advanced management and technology, Chinese enterprise, must upgrade in product technology and management level.
The hero, the Internet online takes up
The advent of cloud computing era, from all levels to reduce the operation cost of enterprise, from IAAs layer to SaaS, enterprises no longer need physical room bulky, no longer need ERP software complex, but through the cloud storage data, to handle the daily work through the SAAS online office tools, brings to the enterprise is not only the economic cost the "burden", more to improve the work efficiency, a large number of enterprises have pursued.
Trillion market attracted numerous Nuggets stampede in tigers for the food. The big background of all the domestic enterprises is to push the enterprise market to a higher stage, and the Internet is rising quietly at this time. With the help of advantages, portability, price friendly business service, with the dividends brought by mobile technology, we will quickly emerge in the fierce competition and bring about subversive changes for CRM and so on.
Multiple transformation, continuous innovation of the layout
Facing the surging enterprise market, facing the fierce competition of new and old rivals' new products, the Internet has changed many times in ten years. With years of accumulation of funds, talent, technology and market advantages, the leisurely layout of the enterprise level mobile market.
For many years, a large share of the market has been occupied. Online online has firmly grasped the opportunities of the mobile Internet era, and applied the mobile Internet application as a strategic direction for the development of enterprises, and actively deployed. Many online products have been released online, such as APP cloud platform, convergence and so on, which deeply meet the needs of the times. Its core competitiveness lies in the promotion mode of online and offline integration, which is highly sought after by SMEs.
Ten swords, and eventually became a road
In the enterprise market ten years of struggle, the interconnection of online services for millions of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the deep cooperation with many enterprises, interconnected online assists these enterprises to complete the Internet, mobile, and cloud, and has won many praise in the industry.
"We will not only increase the fresh blood for the enterprise market, but also push down the fence of the enterprise market, so that the service will not only become simple, but also will be everywhere. The Internet will be an enterprise market and dedicate its strength to the Chinese economy. " Online CEO Zhou Ming said.
In the "cloud computing", "big data", "Internet plus", "mobile Internet plus" trend, the Internet online firmly grasp the opportunities of the times, with the SAAS, the scene of mobile service transformation, according to the development pattern of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises carry out the innovation mode, and quickly get to the capital market favor.
Sword for ten years, the Internet online service more millions of small and medium-sized enterprises, profound changes in the original software delivery mode, channel mode, or Chinese will become the next 10 years, or even longer in the enterprise market innovator and insurgents.
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