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Affiliate Internet to break the barriers to mobile electricity industry

With the continuous popularization of the Internet, the number of users of mobile phones is constantly increasing, and China Mobile's network has also received sufficient development momentum. Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. This has brought sufficient room for the development of the e-commerce industry.


It is precisely because of the timeliness of the Internet that the business model that it corresponds to is constantly changing. In the past, the e-commerce industry sales model has gradually formed a barrier. If you want to make this industry have new development space, then you must do real innovation and break the inherent business model. We recalled that both of us are telling us that the wealth created in the development of the mobile era is enormous, and at the same time, it enables all walks of life to take a look at this new type of business model—the development of mobile marketing, micromarketing, and O2O marketing. .


Although the Internet is growing at a rapid rate, it still has a huge potential business opportunity. However, we cannot deny that competition in the IT industry is also very fierce. Faced with such a fierce competitive market, only by constantly improving its own technology and management model and allowing it to have more advantages than its peers will it be able to make itself invincible. Interconnect Online was established in 2002 with a registered capital of 10 million. At the same time, it is also a national high-tech enterprise, a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, and a dual-soft enterprise. There are more than 60 proprietary software copyrights owned by Connected Online, focusing on Internet and mobile Internet applications as the core development. Such a powerful company has its own best research team. At present, Connected Online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. has provided quality services to nearly 10 enterprise customers, including Kingdee Group, Skyworth Group, Malata Group, China Investment Securities, Tianqi Futures, Yachang Group, etc...


Why do so many large listed companies cooperate with Internet? has a slogan on the Internet: to grab the wealth of the times, it needs technology and speed. Now we come to explain in detail for everyone:


Break through the bottleneck of the e-commerce industry and truly achieve full coverage of the mobile internet mall


In the past business model, we are more likely to see the store channel management and e-commerce model operations (such as online stores). There are many factors that govern the operation of these two models, which not only better highlight the characteristics of the Internet.


  In fact, the use of the Internet has greatly broken through the regional and object limitations of real business transactions. In order to highlight the wide-ranging nature of the Internet industry, Internet-connected online took three years to create the “O2O Mall big data cloud platform” cross-platform mobile marketing system is to set APP, HTML5, big data collaboration, full-platform intelligent marketing... In a short period of time, the entire Internet has been fully opened, which has laid the foundation for your product marketing.


You only need to spend a few minutes to complete the establishment of the mobile portal. At the same time, numerous personalized marketing modules have achieved a win-win relationship between customers and agents. Now many of the "big names" are willing to adopt such a marketing model, not only to promote products faster and more widely, but also truly achieve mutual benefit.


The true value of the connected online O2O mall cloud platform


Different from other platforms, Connected Online develops a complete set of marketing programs specifically for the characteristics of the chain companies. This one-stop service can effectively enable chain companies to build their own O2O closed-loop industrial chain. This model can effectively reduce the cost of development and management, truly large-scale, large-scale promotion of products.


In daily operations, companies need to effectively grasp consumer groups. For example, they need to prepare a series of market research and research. This will not only greatly waste time and human resources. But if you choose to connect to the Internet, you will be able to analyze the data through the platform, which will allow companies to better and faster develop marketing plans and plans.


Now, Interconnect Online has brought a new marketing model for the majority of chain companies. This marketing model better complements the insufficiency of offline transactions and achieves true win-win results. Internet Connect will undoubtedly become the newest and hottest e-commerce model.

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