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The first choice is to start a business at home.

With the needs of national economic and social development, in the market space, dividend policy, Internet plus other factors common to promote, the Chinese entrepreneurial groups is being ushered in the golden age of public entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs in various fields such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like vigorous growth. As an eye-catching Internet economy with huge growth potential and market potential, China's Internet economy accounted for 7% of GDP in 2014. The authority predicts that by 2025, it will reach 22%. But the business arena, in addition to the ability of entrepreneurs Losers are always in the wrong., itself, engage in the development of the field, the prospects for the industry, joining the cooperation business ability is largely restricts people's entrepreneurial results. A good start is half the success, and it's vital to select a business that suits your own.\

First, the cost is small. Taobao and other online shopping platforms are popular, because it is at the lower threshold of the shop, rich in shops and goods at the same time, but also effectively reduces people's entrepreneurial risk, after several years of operation, there are many entrepreneurs worth double, get tens of millions of wealth. Therefore, even if the small business, as long as the trend, do a good job, also can get a good profit. The hot trend of network community convenience store immediately at home to Internet plus, with e-commerce convenient and fast, and according to the distribution line in the District, in a community development only a agents, sales and distribution services provided by the daily activities for community residents. Because of the website as a sales platform, agents do not need to store rental, hire staff, without having to pay fees, traditional shops without excess inventory, only in accordance with the procurement of customer orders, delivery door can greatly reduce the cost of entrepreneurs.
Second, the profit is considerable. According to authoritative statistics, the current national city residential population has 660 million, with the release two-child policy and accelerate the process of urbanization, the number of residential life in the next 3 years will show a rapid growth trend, which provides a broad customer base for the network community convenience store. Arriving at home immediately, O2O convenience store not only moves the traditional shops to the Internet, but also the innovation of service mode. It can provide more humanized daily necessities purchase services for residents. For example, through a website to buy daily necessities, without the need to separate various places to buy; such as the surrounding small supermarket was closed, residents can advance through the mobile phone orders, arrange delivery agents by the door...... into the base soil into Taiwan, as more and more residents in the community the habits of a fast way of shopping after the daily operation, will bring considerable profits for the district agents.

Third, sustainable money. In order to ensure the continuous profits of the agents, we immediately give a commitment to the permanent management right at home, so long as we manage carefully, agents can make money easily through the commodity price difference. For more ambitious entrepreneurs, through a good sense of community, we can accumulate experience on earnings management of convenience store community network, and can quickly copy, make their careers exponentially expanding so as to achieve a sustained rise in money, stable situation.\

The window of opportunity, transient, while the major Internet Co to invest in O2O market, while people eager to price is more and more convenient services home life experience, at home for the majority of entrepreneurs to build an innovation platform with a personal internet service to the community residents, through the community life in the last mile is bound. Will attract the attention of entrepreneurs, is the first choice of investment projects in 2016.