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Cool partner: how to keep office efficient on a business trip
After taking part in the work, busy becomes a necessary condition. You may be a dog in the office or run into a dog on a business trip. In a word, it is a busy word. Busy, but you have to get busy and get the results. In the office, fortunately, there are colleagues fighting atmosphere, but if outside, in the new environment of the brightly coloured many people to see, a lot of walking, you can keep the office efficient?
Well, on a business trip, an art work in the office, you have to be elegant, you need to be up and down, and you have to focus on it. The right tools and the right skills in business trip may help, some reasonable living arrangements also contributed, and:
Prudent sharing of information
Now "life" is too tired on the social network. Every day in the sun to eat, play, sports, eat meals do not eat, work hard. But you travel abroad, instant to Slide Show mood anymore, please you to control. It's not wrong to like social media, but excessive sharing may reveal some business secrets, and even pose an uncertain personal safety threat to you. If necessary, you need to shut down the location system, do not update information in the new city, so as not to expose the whereabouts, let your opponent guess that you are doing some business negotiations.
Keep your teammates at all times
The project you are doing at this end has a direct impact on the company's end. Keep good contact with the company's teammates at any time in order to maintain the smooth progress of the outside projects. As a supervisor, you have to know what your team is doing at this moment, which stage is progressing, and when to arrange the next project. It's too busy to keep communication through the phone all the time. You can always use the cool partner OA office system task tool to get to know the team task at any time. You can set new tasks, people and time at any time according to the completion of the project, and the team can report progress at any time.
Rechargeable treasure and data line
In the event of an important business event, what if your cell phone suddenly doesn't have electricity? Worry is certain. Now business people's mobile phones are connected with hundreds of millions of businesses. An inadvertent difference in a few minutes will cause irreversible consequences. It's good to have a rechargeable treasure! Remember to feed the rechargeable treasure every time you go out, and then take it out. It is also necessary to prepare data lines. If you need to deal with files in mobile phones, but there is no network for mobile phones and computers, data lines are great saviours.
Cloud backup
For people who go on a business trip, they are often worried about the loss of data and information. After all, most people go with office equipment, in the way will inevitably encounter some bumps. Such a bump, said not to knock out the fault. Therefore, it is necessary to make a cloud backup for data information, and it will not interrupt the work because of the unintentional loss of the data. If your computer doesn't have enough memory, the cloud backup can still help.
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