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Cool partner: how to reduce the suffering of queuing
Nowadays, increasing the total number of China's population aging population, the disease is generally obvious changes, the current health care can not meet the growing public demand for medical care, medical supply and demand contradiction, tense doctor-patient relationship, difficult problems still exist, which is always a hot public discussion.
The queuing time is long, the number of waiting to see a doctor is more, the payment of medicine is not reasonable, the doctor's inquiry is hasty, and the examination of various medical indexes is not common. All aspects of the problem are the influence of public health care, which is the front cause of the stalemate of the doctor-patient relationship. "Going around for a long time, the disease is not what to see, time is wasted in line." this may be the most authentic voice of patients. Today, people from all walks of life "Internet plus", O2O online and offline in the rapid development of the medical O2O and how to integrate resources, alleviate the difficult?
The use of medical micro partners launched the "cool Internet plus patient services, for the majority of patients to provide intelligent guidance, outpatient appointment registration, payment, inspection reports, electronic medical records, medical billing services, from small to large hospital outpatient medical service to the entire process, let the public see a doctor more convenient, the line-up of edge solutions.
Cool partner micro medical treatment process the hospital service flow into the line, and integrate online medical and mobile medical treatment into the O2O integrated medical service platform. This practice makes the order of medical inquiry more reasonable, reduces the waste of time resources, also realizes the transparency of the cost, and the registration of medical services is more fair and fair.
Cool partner micro medical not only fits the needs of patients, but also innovates the way of medical inquiry service. It also improves the medical experience of the public. It is a big gospel to solve the problem of public access.
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