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Online: consumer upgrading, because you want to change your life
No matter in ancient dynasties or contemporary, regardless of age or years of wandering downtown, clothing andshelter people from the topic. People's living standards are getting better, and following the new way of life, many business opportunities have been derived. People may not pay much attention to their own consumption changes, but business owners are tightening up after mass consumption, and constantly adjusting their business strategies.
People may realize that their consumption is expanding. The expansion is partly never happened or is thought never to happen. Life's accidents are always beyond our imagination. So, although it is not necessary to consume, it will still be included in common consumption for a long time. For example, outdoor sports, rookie level as long as the usual casual wear can be, and then with the gradual deepening of outdoor, casual wear has not met the requirements, so began a new outdoor equipment consumption. This is the consumption upgrade we often say, so what kind of life mentality behind the consumption upgrades?
Buy a rest
Modern people's demand for material is not limited to ownership, but also more quality. With the same money, you can buy something with a higher price ratio. So in the brand shop to see a very favorite clothes, but it is expensive to really do not go to the hand, direct net naughty and people are unreliable. As a result, there are brand discount stores that understand people's hearts and products at different prices, and add the same amount of money to buy a brand with quality assurance and do not rush to buy goods, that is to buy money at ease.
Buy an experience
Before the hardships were full, food and clothing had changed to a higher level. So, chowhound have more choice of delicacy, athletes have more cool equipment. With the help of abundant material goods and services, our hobbies such as spring rain watering, huazhizhaozhan -- we have more opportunity to drunby, take more photos to my circle of friends. For example, in the home immediately, I could call a beauty door, also called a chef to cook, gentlemen, good experience in luxury.
Buy a change
This is a change in ideas and a change in the way of life. In read countless Korean drama, we know go to make-up, long askew is to look at the whole slightly; most loving sister paper gym muscle Metrosexual birthday party, is available in the KTV suite had a very happy, not happy with bestie travel for a walk is a great experience. Well, I'll make an appointment with a cool partner, set up a hotel suite, and go to a small place to play.
These are not our pursuit of enjoyment, but because our pursuit of material stability, spiritual pursuit of unprecedented emptiness. Life is short, I love love. We want to experience some different days, or literature, or courage, or adventure in a limited period of time.
Consumption upgrading refers to people's material needs which are different from those of the past due to the change of life concept and lifestyle. "What is not needed is now very desirable."
Consumption upgrades have nothing to do with the amount of money, not to the frequency of the purchase.
It's not because life has changed, it needs new things; it's because you want to change your life and need something new. Consumption has been upgraded, and our lives have been upgraded immediately.
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