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Internet online: making it more effective for disabled people to start a business
2015 "Internet plus" spring breeze blowing through the earth, it also brings more opportunities for people with disabilities in employment. In the Internet, the handicap of the disabled is no longer a problem, and a network, a computer, and a mobile phone can start a business.
Through the network marketing products, the independent business model is probably the most common, but long time the computer operating desk for them could be a big challenge. Most of the disabled have been phased out after a brief trial operation. The lack of a stable source of goods, unwise choice of goods is the most important factor in their failure. It is not enough to run a successful Internet store, but also have the corresponding computer technology and business ability. But these two items are not easy for many of them.
"Mobile Internet plus" for the disabled entrepreneurs paved the avenue of stars
Now, the rapid development of mobile Internet plus "show his skill to us. "Mobile Internet plus" mobile communications and Internet two together, is a combination of mobile and internet. On the basis of Internet technology, it combines the advantages of mobile, and it is a gospel for people with disabilities. The main points are as follows:
1. mobile phone online, small and convenient
"Mobile Internet plus" as the name implies, is mainly through the mobile phone, palmtop computer, notebook computer and other mobile communications equipment and wireless Internet technology, people with disabilities through the "mobile Internet plus" open a micro shop management, do not rigidly adhere to a computer. Moving your fingers can start a business, and it's a good choice for their physical condition.
2. simple operation, erect Institute
Because of the "mobile Internet plus" is the realization of the mobile communication equipment, only scroll up and down or back and forth to touch, the disabled no longer because the keyboard keys, mouse operation and trouble. In addition, mobile communication equipment is often contact, starting with a lot of easier. The start of the shop, such as the operation is more free of worry, to some companies focused on the mobile Internet.
3. the guarantee of the source of goods and the convenience of business
In the "mobile Internet plus", there is a very popular marketing mode of distribution. This marketing model has brought great convenience for the disabled people to start a business. In the cool partner distribution system, the distributor only needs to go on the shelf, and it will be sold out. People with disabilities start their businesses as distributors. Goods, technology and marketing are not problems. Manufacturers or distributors at the top level have special training. If they are willing to learn and actively try, the way to do business is no longer far away.
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