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Cool partner: when a big wave of network IP strikes
At the moment, what is the hottest in the shadow view? IP (intellectual property works) is adapted for film and television works. At present, the main work of the IP adaptation is the network novel. Since the beginning of 2011, "" startling step by step "Qianshan Twilight snow" "dumping the world Princess" "naked marriage age" "33 days" lead to adaptation craze; "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in 2012 to become phenomenal television; today, "to spend thousands of bones" one-day player over 400 million scores ranking at the top position.
The adaptation of the network novel to the film and television works, why is it becoming a hot topic? In this era of mobile Internet, it is precisely because the film and television industry has a good grasp of the characteristics of the Internet, with the help of the power of the Internet to achieve success. The most notable features are the following two points:
1. "original powder" laid the foundation of "viewing"
Excellent network novel not only has a solid content basis, but also has a loyal fan, which is very favorable for the creation of film and television. With the help of the original powder, the popularity of the works has attracted a lot of eyeballs when it was not broadcast, which greatly reduced the risk of producing and photographing, and also created more business opportunities.
For other industries, there are not many "original powders" waiting for us, but we can accumulate some fans on the Internet and create huge original products for ourselves. For example, the auto industry will save enough fans in WeChat, micro-blog and other new media before the launch of new products, regardless of the conversion rate of fans nowadays, and its influence in the public has gradually expanded. This has laid a certain foundation for the marketing of the product after the market.
2. network works with multimedia attributes
Compared with the traditional traditional novels, the network novels have brought the properties of multimedia from the beginning. As a representative in the network popular, its spread and influence is mainly formed in the network, and the film industry has now fully open to the society, and more and more topics from the big screen to the small screen, it also makes China blockbuster movie out of the traditional business model.
Similarly, a product wants to promote, the necessary marketing means is the rational use of self media. For this marketing problem, the use of cool partner micro marketing system can be realized. Cool partners strictly control the trend of mobile Internet. WeChat public number is integrated into management, marketing, promotion and distribution. One button opens micro marketing and forms a self media that belongs to the enterprise itself. This is the case in the film and television industry, as is the case in other industries. An enterprise can only impress its user image if it is established in front of the public, and then will buy the product of an enterprise.
From film and television industry to other industries, we should grasp the trend of the times and keep pace with the characteristics of mobile Internet in the aspect of enterprise marketing. According to your product and industry characteristics, your product will become the popular "flower bone" in the industry.
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